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18 Jun

Since summer is here and riding weather is peak, we have been getting a ton of calls about prescription and non eye wear ideal for riding motorcycles. Well Bikers, here you go and you’re welcome!

My all time favorite brand to recommend for riding is the Wiley X line! Wiley X has pretty much an option for everyone. Wiley X has awesome lens technology such as filter 8 polarization, resolving lens clarity, powerful refractive & prismatic power, and the fact that all their lenses are ballistic tested and safety rated. This means Wiley X lenses ALL  meet or exceed the military’s stringent MIL-DTL-43511D & MIL-PRF-31013 ballistic standards. And come on, if these things can take a bullet, they can certainly protect your eyes while riding.  They also offer a whopping 12 color combinations, including light adjusting lenses which are perfect for ride or die biker that go from sun up to sun down.

But not only are the lenses cool… Wiley X offers a whole variety of different frames. Very stylish and very functional. One thing that Wiley X offers that not many others do is offer many styles of frames that have a patented removable …
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