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17 Jul

Here are some pointers to finding the perfect frames to accent your lovely locks!

Bodacious Blondes:  From pixie cut to Tangled hair, boys or girls, blondes look hot with contrasting light locks with black metal frames. For a very posh look, Tortoise shell and white frames will compliment your Blonde locks and for Blondes with darker skin tones, contrasting bright colors and prints will really make a statement.

Some things to keep in mind:

• Big white plastic frames look great whatever shade of blonde you are.

• When it comes to block colors, peroxide blondes can go for almost any palette with baby pinks and blues, reds and canary yellows.

• Natural or dark blondes should go for a more subtle look. Tortoiseshells and warm creams look premium, and gold metal frames keep things soft but strong.

Frames to try: Ray-Ban Cats 5000, Oakley Frogskins, DKNY DY4078B, and the Ralph Ra5126

Brainy Brunettes: You need bright, vibrant colors; this will add contrast when paired with a dark mane. Frames with tones of plum and maroon bring out blue and green eyes and Celtic skin tones, while olive skinned can easily work metallic frames. For a …
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