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17 Aug

Most people are extra careful to protect their eyes when they are engaging in activities like: baseball, motorcycle riding, tennis, and volleyball. Many wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun. I am here to tell you, people….always protect your eyes.  Always!

The weekend before last, my co-worker Larum, I, and two others enjoyed a beautiful day at the Renaissance Faire. We had so much fun eating huge turkey legs and watching incredible shows. While we all had our shades on to keep the brutal sun out, we had no idea how they would protect our eyes later on that day. We left the Faire around seven and started the long drive home from Wisconsin back to the Chicago suburbs. While driving on the expressway, in the fast lane, the back tire of my car blew out! I pulled as hard as I could into the median. First the front passenger side smashed into the median, and then we spun around and hit the back passenger side, then finally back into the fast lane.

Surprisingly, no one was hurt. A few bumps and scrapes but no other injuries. We did not hit any other cars. The …
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01 May

The family that shades together stays together.  I have been pondering what to write to all you brilliant people out there this week.  Upon doing so I started exploring some pictures of my family in different glasses. Interestingly enough, I started to notice a trend. Then I wondered if all families had little trends like ours? So while we’re exploring my family and our crazy little trends, be thinking of yours…

My family loves wearing Wayfarer style prescription eye glasses. Trendy, bold, and just the right amount of nerdy-ness. We love frames that draw attention to us, mostly big, bright, obnoxious frames. The other picture is my custom prescription Hello Kitty glasses. I got these adorable frames off Etsy and then had our lab make some 10% pink gradient Rx lenses for them. They did a fabulous job! Once again, big, nerdy, and obnoxious! The crazy thing is much of our lives we have not been together, but have ridiculously similar senses of style.

These next couple pictures are of my little brother, Chris. Chris has a laid back more functional kind of style. His prescription eyeglasses, the Wiley X ophthalmic Covert eye Glasses and his sunglasses by Julbo
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