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02 Jun

If you consider yourself part of the counter culture, if you like skateboarding, photography, or funky house music, Arnette Eyewear is the brand for you. We here at Optics Planet recently had the pleasure of meeting some reps all the way from California, where the Arnette brand lives and breathes. They, like their brand where very easy going and fun, surfer type of guys. Relative to the local scene with a totally urban vibe Arnette is making its way all across America at concerts, on artists, skateboarders, surfers, musicians, tattoo artists and Festival goers alike. Being a not so typical mother of three, one with tattoos and purple hair, I immediately fell in love with the new refreshed Arnette line, but it’s not just for us wild ones!

The new Arnette line is marketed toward Tween to Mid Thirties. What this means is that their eyeglass line is fitted toward the smaller face, which is awesome because there is not a bunch of eye wear lines out there made for smaller faces. Their eyeglasses range in size from a 47mm eye size to a 53mm eye size with a few stragglers over or under. The color palette ranges from beautiful …
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30 Oct

Alright so maybe you don’t want to look like a Rapper, but maybe you have wanted to look like a Surfer, a cast member from Jersey Shore, or a night club DJ. There are thousands of styles of frames on the market right now. A certain style of frame paired with the perfect outfit and you’ll have no trouble duplicating any of those styles. Let’s break it down a little bit and find the perfect shape frame to create the appearance you desire for the day.

Do you want to look like a Naturalist or Tree Hugger perhaps? I’ve got two really cool brands for you: Wood U? and Earth Wood. For those of you that follow our blog Larum recently talked about the Earth Wood brand so I’m sure you already know all the beautiful details, if not go back and read it! Both of these environment friendly brands use real wood to make their frames. You can get them with lots of different lens colors and wood shades. Any of these frames paired with a fitted white tee shirt, some worn out Levi’s, Chuck Taylors and a pony tail would be a complete Tree Hugger look. Check …
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