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08 Nov

In this day and age our culture is all about getting a pill to fix whatever ailment we have. Headache pills, diet pills, happy pills, focus pills, and the list goes on and on. I myself, enjoy looking for alternative remedies, alternative medicine and I found something recently that I thought you might enjoy. Color Therapy!!!

I’m sure all of us who wear prescription lenses and maybe even sunglasses know there are a TON of different lens colors out there. Different colors for different activities, contrast levels, and light conditions. But, did you know that wearing certain lens colors for at least an hour a day can greatly improve your mood and/or health? I didn’t either!!! If you use a specific color for an acute condition, you could wear the color until the symptoms disappear. You can focus on one specific problem and color, or you can wear as many colors as you would like each day. Color therapy lenses can be worn whenever and wherever you wish, day or night.

Listen to your body. Experiment with all the colors, and learn how they affect you. Each color will most likely affect each person a bit differently.

Color Therapy …
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17 Feb

Although our glasses surely serve a purpose, aren’t they so much more than that? They are also an accessory that we boldly wear on our face, a statement that we make to the world that says “This is who I am”. So for all you artist, innovators, visionaries, and creators, this is for you. Selecting a frame is sometimes a difficult job. There are so many interesting frame designs, styles, and colors that are enticing. Here are a few that I have hand selected for you…

  Interesting design picks: The Roberto Cavalli RC0545, this is a full rimmed zyl frame with a very desirable, bold, swishing shape and it is offered in several beautiful colors. Diva Swarovski Crystals Eyeglasses 5265-765 would be an excellent choice for someone who is into natural beauty. This frame is an unusual rimless frame, so it won’t distract attention from the face, but the temple arms are nothing short of stunning. Cazal Eyeglasses 607 Black & Gold Frame is one of my favorite frames. It is bold & loud & says “Here I am world”. This is a huge, square, full zyl frame with gold accents. This frame is perfect or music artists …
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