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05 Oct

It’s getting close to my all-time favorite holiday… Halloween!!! I love making Halloween costumes and am currently in the works of making a Pikachu costume for my son, a Pichu costume for my daughter, and two troll costumes for my co-worker and myself! So, for you all, I was thinking of creating a quick costume guide for Girls that wear glasses…And here we go!


  • Minion. Yellow long sleeve shirt and overalls. Yellow beanie cap. Black frame
  • Marcy from the Peanuts. Black bob wig. Red T-shirt with blue jeans. White Keds tennis shoes. Circle style frames.
  • Hipster. Wife beater tank top paired with a flannel. Skinny jeans. Chuck Taylor shoes. Beanie cap. Thick black wayfarer style frames and carry a reusable tote and a bicycle tire.
  • Liberian. Low heels with a grey or brown A-line skirt. Oversized cardigan. Cat eye frames. Carry a few books around.
  • Garth from Wayne’s World. Ratty 80’s blonde wig. Tattered jeans. Old band T-shirt with a flannel. Thick black wayfarer style frames.
26 Sep

Randolph Engineering, Incorporated was founded in 1972 by Polish immigrants, Jan Waszkiewicz and Stanley Zaleski. They met a decade before while working at a small tool & die company in South Boston. In pursuit of the American dream, they ventured out to start their own business in Randolph, MA.The two entrepreneurs  built tooling dies and machinery for the then thriving US optical manufacturing industry. Through determination and a tireless work, ethic Randolph Engineering became one of the leading optical tool & die companies in the country.

In the late 1970’s Randolph Engineering started manufacturing Mil-Spec Aviator sunglasses for the United States Air Force as a subcontractor producing in excess of 200,000 sunglasses annually. Led by Jan’s sons, Randolph won the government bid to become the prime contractor in 1982. By the late 1980’s Randolph had expanded into the commercial sunglass market after civilians learned about the quality of its sunglasses and prescription frames through military channels.  One of their most popular line is the Aviator.

Originally built for the U.S. Military (Mil-S-25948), Randolph flagship Aviator surpasses rigid military-spec …
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22 Aug

Of course, you want you child to be the “cool kid” but still have the ability to see the lectures in school.  Having to purchase prescription eyewear for your child seems dreadful, but I’m here to provide some helpful tips when it comes to choosing the right eyewear for your child.

Tip #1: Choosing the right lens material.

If your kid has a more mild prescription, I would recommend choosing either a Polycarbonate or Trivex lens material.  With a mild prescription, the lenses will be nice and light along with shatter resistant.  This will prevent harm to the eyes if any accidents were to happen and the lenses were to be directly impacted.  Now that your spawn can properly see, they can rock some awesome eyeglasses to show off their unique style.

Now, if your child suffers with a stronger prescription, I would highly consider spending the extra money and splurging on a high index lens material.  This will allow for a lighter, thinner and more comfortable lens which is still considered shatter resistant.  Therefore you can prevent the …
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11 Aug

Just to piggy back off last week’s blog post “Importance of Children’s Sunglasses” written by our wonderful staff member Jay, today let’s talk about Children’s and Teen sunglasses. We learned last week the importance of protecting those tiny eyes, but kids are kids and they all have their very own certain needs. Learn about the brands and technologies that will help keep your kids eyes safe.

School is back in session and that means sports! Bolle, Julbo, and Wiley X all make super cute, comfortable, safety sports glasses in both eye glasses and in sunglasses, prescription and non-prescription. Bolle just released a new line of protective glasses called Bolle Sport Protective. This line includes five different models of full coverage safety glasses for youths. The new Bolle line of protective frames offer New polycarbonate grade frames. All Sport Protective frames are constructed with a recently developed grade of polycarbonate, delivering flexibility for comfort combined with a very high level of impact resistance. Additional benefits include: greater adjustability and an unrivalled ergonomic fit and Easy and mechanical glazing process. …
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05 Aug

Children tend to spend more time outdoor than adults, so it is imperative they have sunglasses to protect their eyes from the harmful effect of the sun. Long exposure to UV and high-energy visible (blue light) have been shown to increase age related eye problems.  Children are more vulnerable to retinal damage from UV rays because the lens inside a child’s eye is clearer than an adult lens, enabling more UV to penetrate deep into the eye.  It is important for all children, even infants, to wear UV- and HEV-blocking sunglasses anytime they are outdoors in daylight hours. It is also recommended during cloudy or overcast days, since UV rays are invisible and go through cloud covers.  You may be asking what sunglasses I should purchase.  Children’s sunglasses should block 99 to 100 percent of both types of ultraviolet rays: UVA and UVB.

When purchasing children sunglasses make sure they have a polycarbonate lenses.  This is recommend for children since they are impact resistant and they are lighter than glass or standard plastic lens.  Also make sure the frame …
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21 Jul

Okay, we all know you play PokemonGo, so there is no reason to hide it.

What you do want to make sure you’re hiding, is your eyes.  As your embarking on this journey to find the rarest of the rare Moltres Pokemon, you want to make sure your eyes can handle all the strain from the prolonged hours in the sun, hunting through your neighbor’s backyard to fine those Zapdos, Mewtwo’s and Articuno’s before anyone else.  Don’t you worry, I am here to offer you some awesome options to keep you the cool kit on the block, winning battles at the gym while ensuring your eyes aren’t taking in too much UVA/B/C rays.


Being a PokemonGo addict myself, I know my eyes rarely come off the screen of my phone unless I’m in fear of getting hit by a car, attacked by a coyote or possibly coming close to falling off a cliff.  Therefore, I highly recommend going with a non-polarized lens to ensure there is no distortion or blacking out of your screen.  I can only see the …
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13 Jul


You just placed an order online for prescription glasses. You are waiting patiently with excitement. They’re here!!! You rip open the box, fall in love with your new frames and place them on your face. To your disappointment your vision is not crisp or clear. They must have been made incorrectly or maybe not….


While prescription eye wear is made by the hands of human beings so there will always be a slight chance that a human error may have occurred, often times that is not the case.  Hopefully this blog will help you understand what you should do should this happen to you. When you get your new glasses and they do not feel quite right you may see things a little fuzzy, you may be seeing in tunnel vision or perhaps your depth perception feels off.

If you are a multi-focal wearer you probably know by now that these types of lenses or any new lenses most often need an adjustment period. This means giving your eyes time to adapt to your new lenses. So first …
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29 Jun

If you are currently in the market for new pair of safety shooting glasses, I would recommend the ESS Suppressor.   It is the first spectacle frame design for use with over-the-ear hearing protection and comms gear.  The temple arms is ultra-thin and help keep noise out and eliminate hot spots by minimizing interference with the padded seal of ear cups.   The complete kits comes paired with elite crossbow lenses.  The suppressor comes in two great color options, the black and the terrain tan.  All the ESS Eye Pro exceed ANSI Z87.1-and MIL Spec. and OSHA safety standard.  The lenses are ballistic tested and shatter resistant, this is a great investment for one of your most important organs.  There are six additional lens options available.  ESS also created two Rx insert that can be used with the ESS Suppressor. The first is the U-RX insert, this universal Rx Carrier is the first to interchange across brands in a wide variety of ESS and Oakley Ballistic eye shields and goggles.  The kit includes two sets of nosepieces and …
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16 Jun


Okay, so I figured I’d go a little more research oriented this time because I was interested in the history behind the progressive lens, so bear with me if this post is a little drier but it will be informational. The progressive lens has always been a mystery to me, mainly because I think its technology is intriguing on how someone can magically put two magnification powers in a lens with no visual transition between prescriptions.

Here we go! The initial progressive lens was designed by Owen Aves in 1907, yes you heard that right, my mind was blown when I learned that the first progressive lens was designed in the early 1900’s! Sir Aves lenses were not designed specifically for the public use so the first modern commercial lens was not actually released until 1953 by Varilux & Carl Zeiss. Figures the big boys of the industry would be the ones to release to the public, but I guess it makes sense.

The issue with the initial released progressive lenses was that they were not asymmetrical, instead the …
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09 Jun

What do you picture when you hear the word Bifocal? I picture a lens with a thumbprint area on the bottom filled with magnification. If you pictured that too, you are correct. But, there are so many more kinds of bifocals out there…

Flat Top lens (also known as D-seg or Straight Top): The most common bifocal in our time is called a Flat Top 28. It has this name because the flat portion on the top of the magnification area is 28mm wide. The Flat Top 28 lens is good for many purposes. The ideal patient would use this lens to do everyday activities like read, drive, or for leisurely activities. For most people, this 28 millimeter area of reading magnification works perfectly. For patients that like a little bit bigger of reading magnification there is also a Flat Top 38, which of course is just like the 28 but has 10 millimeters more room across the lens.

flat top bifocal

Alternately to the Flat Top on might select a Round Seg bifocal lens which is basically a Flat Top bifocal …
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