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30 Oct

Alright so maybe you don’t want to look like a Rapper, but maybe you have wanted to look like a Surfer, a cast member from Jersey Shore, or a night club DJ. There are thousands of styles of frames on the market right now. A certain style of frame paired with the perfect outfit and you’ll have no trouble duplicating any of those styles. Let’s break it down a little bit and find the perfect shape frame to create the appearance you desire for the day.

Do you want to look like a Naturalist or Tree Hugger perhaps? I’ve got two really cool brands for you: Wood U? and Earth Wood. For those of you that follow our blog Larum recently talked about the Earth Wood brand so I’m sure you already know all the beautiful details, if not go back and read it! Both of these environment friendly brands use real wood to make their frames. You can get them with lots of different lens colors and wood shades. Any of these frames paired with a fitted white tee shirt, some worn out Levi’s, Chuck Taylors and a pony tail would be a complete Tree Hugger look. Check …
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13 Mar

Working as an Optician I hear time and time again, Heather I’m so upset, I lost my prescription glasses! It is very common for people to call me up and request for me to replace an order they placed not too long ago. This always make me feel very bad. We all know that prescription sun or eye glasses are NOT inexpensive. Because this makes me feel so bad, and I’m not going to lie: I to have lost my glasses before: I did a little research to give you some tips on how to not lose your glasses.


1.)    Have a home for your glasses. Where ever you take them, have a home. When they’re in the car have one set location where you always place them. If you wear your then into your house have a designated shelf or bowl where you store them each time. This will automatically cut out those times where you can’t remember where you threw them last and you have to tear the house apart only to remember that you left them in the car!


2.)    Use the case!!! I’m pretty sure every single pair of prescription frames I ever …
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10 Jun

What did I tell you!! I had no doubts that Blackhawks would win!! I was at the bar watching the game the whole night. It was so intense that I bit all my nails off :). We could not hear a thing when the game started, but after the 3rd goal that Flyers made the whole bar went dead. People were really quiet watching the overtime. When Patrick Kane made that goal the place went wild. I, personally, lost my voice and can’t talk today. People were dancing on tables, taking pictures with people they don’t even know, hugging and kissing each other. It was beautiful! The city was even crazier last night. Fireworks were everywhere. People were running around and giving high fives to people in the cars. It was amazing! I am sure we have more seasons like that coming!!! I wish I was there today meeting the team when they came home. I heard Blackhawks let their fans touch the Stanley Cup. This is what I call a real team with a real spirit! Go Chicago Blackhawks!

And guess what! I am getting my Ray Ban sunglasses! However now I am not sure which ones …
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03 Mar

Ray Ban 2140 Flower Print Ray Ban keeps going forward with the famous Wayfarer style! Now they offer rare prints for the most innovative and fashion forward consumers. RayBan has introduced new models with the funky and eye-catching prints – RARE prints lol These two new colors are a part of the special limited edition series.

Ray-Ban 2140 style 102132-5022 is inspired with the artistic Flowers motif. The frame has a cool blue-violet-light green “summer” print on the front and a solid blue color on the back. There is another RB2140 model 1018-5022 that features solid black frame front and has the trendy flower print on the back.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Rare Prints - Subway Ray Ban 2140 1033-5022 is the Subway (or Metro) style. It has a print that represents a section of the NY subway map on the front!!! Looks kind of cool – check out the image. Same story as with the Flower model – it has a twin frame that comes black on the outside and textured with the metro print on the inside.

The good news for prescription wearers is that these frames are a part of Ray-Ban prescription sun glasses collection. You can have your Rx ground into the prescription lenses and rock in the stylish …
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09 Nov

Twilight SunglassesThe Twilight saga is discussed a lot today. The love story of a vampire and a teenage girl has divided the audience into fans and haters :-) Like any other popular movie would.

Many spotted the sunglasses Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) was wearing in the movie – Ray Ban Wayfarer shades. Ray Ban RB 2140 (color RB2140-901) model to be exact. Ray Ban is making amazing marketing efforts advertising this style. Robert Pattinson sunglasses And they are doing a pretty good job! This style hits all sales records … it has been one of the best selling styles for the last 50 years. You can see everybody wearing these sun glasses on the streets regardless of age, gender, or fashion preference. In addition to classic RB2140 sunglasses, Ray Ban issued two-toned Wayfarers, shield Wayfarers, and even tiny kids Wayfarer model. And I’m sure there are many more to come :-)
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05 Nov

I was planning to take the kids to Orlando to visit Disney World on their spring break. I was browsing the net making some research and came across with an interesting fact about sunglasses. “Since 1971, an estimated 1.5 million pairs of eyewear have been submitted to the Disney World Lost and Found. Over 100 pieces of sun glasses are stored into the Magic Kingdom every day.” Amazing, right?…
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29 May

Bolle has always been known as a manufacturer of outstanding sports sunglasses. But should the great fashion-forward style be sacrificed to outstanding optics, performance and safety? Of course, NOT! And Bolle proves it with their new 2009 sunglasses collection and offers a great combination of state of the art optics, lightweight frames and unique styles.

 A few years ago Bole introduced some bold designs like Bolle Belmont, Bolle Tease that were specifically tailored for women. The frames follow the latest fashion trends and are slightly oversized offering classy and sophisticated look. These sunglasses have been so successful, that this season Bolle decided to add a few more styles to the women’s collection including Bolle Ruby and Bolle Queen glasses.

Visit OpticsPlanet’s collection of Bolle sunglasses for the latest models. OpticsPlanet is an authorized Bolle dealer and sells only authentic Bolle eyeglasses, sunglasses, and goggles. You can also get your favorite Bolle frames with original Bolle prescription lenses – check out the Bolle prescription sunglasses collection for a full list of prescription sun glasses models.…
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06 Mar

Wow! Today is the first warm day here in Chicago. It was snowing just a few days ago and today is 60 degrees and the sun is shinning. :-) Open Season, ladies and gentlemen. New trends, styles, collections, color patterns in fashion clothing and accessories. Sunglasses could be proudly named one of the key fashion accessories. New D&G sunglasses, Vogue sunglasses, DKNY sunglasses, Serengeti and Ray Ban sunglasses are already in the stores. A lot of frames this season are available with prescription lenses, so getting a new pair of prescription sunglasses shouldn’t be a problem.…
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23 Feb

Some people find prescription eyeglasses with transitional lenses very convenient. Transitional lenses adjust to the light conditions (that’s why they are also called lighted adjusting lenses). In other words, these prescription lenses darken under direct sunlight. LA lenses are available in all lens materials and different blank sizes, so your prescription should not be a problem.

If you would like to wear your frames as eyeglasses / sunglasses, you will have a choice of “clear to gray” or “clear to brown” transitional lenses. They will go completely clear inside and turn to gray of brown outside. Some sunglasses manufacturers also make tinted lenses that become darker when exposed to UV rays. Serengeti and Ray-Ban are two most popular photochromic sunglasses designers. Serengeti even offers their light adjusting lenses as a part of their prescription sunglasses program – Serengeti prescription sunglasses.

I also know some people who got sunglasses frames with the light adjusting lenses that go from clear to gray/brown. They liked the sunglass frames a lot and did not want to switch to an eyeglass frame. With the current wide choice of eyewear designers you can always find something that will work just right for you!

I …
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05 Feb

Please be advised that Panoptx sunglasses are now sold under the name 7EYE. Here is the disclaimer that you can find on PanOptx official web site:

The great Panoptx products you’ve come to know and love are now being sold under the name 7EYE. Our core technologies remain unchanged; only the brand name and logo are new. Our new identity signifies our commitment to color management, delivering the 7 colors of the visible light spectrum with unsurpassed clarity. This marks the beginning of a new era of innovation that will see us introduce new frame styles, new eye protection technologies and new lenses to the eyewear market. …

The quality of the sunglasses did not change indeed. We currently carry the full collection of Panoptix sunglasses advertised under 7 EYE brand and we have not heard any complains from our customers yet. I will keep you posted!…
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