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02 Jun

If you consider yourself part of the counter culture, if you like skateboarding, photography, or funky house music, Arnette Eyewear is the brand for you. We here at Optics Planet recently had the pleasure of meeting some reps all the way from California, where the Arnette brand lives and breathes. They, like their brand where very easy going and fun, surfer type of guys. Relative to the local scene with a totally urban vibe Arnette is making its way all across America at concerts, on artists, skateboarders, surfers, musicians, tattoo artists and Festival goers alike. Being a not so typical mother of three, one with tattoos and purple hair, I immediately fell in love with the new refreshed Arnette line, but it’s not just for us wild ones!

The new Arnette line is marketed toward Tween to Mid Thirties. What this means is that their eyeglass line is fitted toward the smaller face, which is awesome because there is not a bunch of eye wear lines out there made for smaller faces. Their eyeglasses range in size from a 47mm eye size to a 53mm eye size with a few stragglers over or under. The color palette ranges from beautiful …
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16 Apr

Hello to everyone who reads our blog! The weather is finally getting better here in Illinois. It is sunny and warm! Isn’t that what we were waiting for! I wanted to give you a heads up that we are now, officially, selling Burberry sunglasses and Burberry eyeglasses. I am almost positive that everyone is familiar with that brand and loves it for a very unique brand name design. I always wanted to get a pair of Burberry sunglasses, especially if I saw someone else wearing them. They just look so good, don’t you agree.

Their collection is great. It has styles for absolutely everyone. They have sunglasses with a hidden logo for those who don’t like big logos on the frames. They have glasses with big logos for those who everyone to see what glasses you are wearing. They have small and large models. The best part is that every model comes with a custom Burberry carrying case. Burberry eyewear is also available in a prescription form!…
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03 Mar

Ray Ban 2140 Flower Print Ray Ban keeps going forward with the famous Wayfarer style! Now they offer rare prints for the most innovative and fashion forward consumers. RayBan has introduced new models with the funky and eye-catching prints – RARE prints lol These two new colors are a part of the special limited edition series.

Ray-Ban 2140 style 102132-5022 is inspired with the artistic Flowers motif. The frame has a cool blue-violet-light green “summer” print on the front and a solid blue color on the back. There is another RB2140 model 1018-5022 that features solid black frame front and has the trendy flower print on the back.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Rare Prints - Subway Ray Ban 2140 1033-5022 is the Subway (or Metro) style. It has a print that represents a section of the NY subway map on the front!!! Looks kind of cool – check out the image. Same story as with the Flower model – it has a twin frame that comes black on the outside and textured with the metro print on the inside.

The good news for prescription wearers is that these frames are a part of Ray-Ban prescription sun glasses collection. You can have your Rx ground into the prescription lenses and rock in the stylish …
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15 Jan

Ray Ban RB3442Q Outdoorsman Aviator by Ray-BanRay Ban came out with a great new collection. Sunglasses which are crafted from genuine deer leather. What I mean by that is that the frames will have some leather detailing on it. Sometimes it is the whole frame that is crafted from leather, sometimes it is just a small detail of the frame. In both ways sunglasses look awesome. All the work is done to perfection in Italy. They come with matching leather cases.

Ray Ban RB3415Q Caravan by Ray-BanMost popular Ray-Ban styles were re-introduced in the Craft Collection – Ray Ban Caravan Craft, Ray Ban Wings Craft and Ray Ban Outdoorsman Craft RB3442Q. In addition to the Ray Ban unbeatable optical quality and clean & classic design, these frames feature luxurious leather real leather details. It is a great gift for someone you care about even if that someone is you! Take a look at the available model of Ray-Ban RB3415Q Sunglasses which is already orderable with prescription eyewear lenses! And as always, OpticsPlanet Sunglasses On Line Store is there for you to make any optical dreams come true 😉…
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22 Dec

Prada Linea Rossa Sunglasses (or they are often called Prada “Red Stripe”) are designer sunglasses for sport enthusiasts. Prada SunglassesThis is a trendy line of Prada sunglasses that offers a unique combination of fashion and sport designs. The collection currently mainly consists of sun styles that vary from classic plastics to modern metal frames. All the sunglasses are accompanied with a red stripe Prada logo on the temples. Most of the frames are rxable and can be fitted with ophthalmic lenses. Check out OpticsPlanet full collection of the latest styles from Prada eyewear (including Prada prescription sunglasses) for more details.…
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15 Dec

Now is a good time to check if you have any money left on your flexible spending account. Most likely if you don’t spend it by the end of the year, you will lose it. The so-called IRS “use it or lose it” rule. If you haven’t scheduled a doctor’s appointment yet, you probably won’t be able to squeeze in as everybody is booked till the end of the year. I would recommend to spend some time reading your flexible spending account expenses guide. You will definitely find something you can use your flex dollars on. For example, besides medical procedures and prescription medicine, some programs cover such things as first aid kits, band aids, cough syrup, over the counter drugs, etc. Or if you need vision correction, you might get an extra pair of prescription eyeglasses. You can get some high end Ray Ban prescription eyeglasses and Polo eyeglasses, or designer Vogue prescription eyeglasses and D&G prescription eyeglasses with your pre-tax money. If you are a fashionista and already own a few pairs of eye glasses, think about a nice pair of prescription sunglasses that you can use for driving. Ray Ban prescription sunglasses or …
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04 Dec

I am happy to announce that we have added some new brands to our eyewear collection! :) Optics Planet now has Polo eyewear available for ordering. Polo sunglasses and Polo eyeglasses are mainly made for men. However, they are few unisex models that will look good on women too. The quality of frames and lenses is phenomenal.

We also added Ralph Lauren eyewear to our collection. They have many great new styles of sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses. We all know Ralph Lauren. He makes the sophisticated, business look sunglasses that are great for any occasion.

Both, Polo and Ralph Lauren eyewear is available with prescription lenses!

 And last but not least we added Prada sunglasses to the site. They are one of my favorite designer brands. Great styles for a great price!…
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17 Oct

I have recently written a post in my sunglasses blog about Pupil Distance and why this measurement is a must when you order glasses on line. A lot of people found this entry useful, so I decided to talk little bit more about other facial measurements that opticians take.

When you order eyeglasses with single vision lenses, the prescription provided by your eye care professional and PD is usually all you need. If you decide to get bifocal glasses, you will also need to know Segment Height measurement for the frame you choose. This measurement determines the height of the reading area of the lens. Why is it necessary to get an accurate seg height measurement when ordering bifocal sunglasses or eyeglasses? Because if the reading segment of the lens is misplaced, you will have to bend your neck backwards or pull the eye glasses down the nose when reading.…
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08 Oct

I have been receiving a lot of questions lately about what gradient lenses are and how they look in sunglasses. The main purpose of gradient lenses is fashion! However, there is an advantage to the lenses too. If you are working outside and need to read a lot you don’t have to take off your glasses anymore to be able to see what is written on the paper.

Gradient lenses are lighter on the bottom and darker at the top with slight transition in the middle. Sunglasses with gradient lenses look very modern. If you look at our celebrities, most of them have gradient lenses in sunglasses. What makes it easier to read is whenever you look down to read you will look through a lighter part of the lens.

Personally, I like the way gradient lenses look. I think they add a mystery to your face and that attracts others. I would recommend for all of us to owe at least one pair of sunglasses with gradient lenses for those days when we are not sure what mood we ar in. :) D&G sunglasses and Vogue sunglasses have many models available with gradient lenses by default. Plus, now we can …
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15 Sep

I went camping recently. While being there I got into a fight with one of the guys there. I was wearing Vogue sunglasses with large lenses, and he said that he doesn’t like sunglasses like that since he can not see my face. So, I told him that it is a personal choice that person chooses himself. It might be true that smaller lenses look classier, but it does not mean that large lenses look bad or have no benefits.

Large lenses cover your eyes more, therefore, blocking more of the UV rays from the sun. At the same time, it does not make any face look bad just because other people can not see their face. Most people look great in sunglasses with large lenses. Others look good in sunglasses with small lenses.

Most sunglasses brands are making both styles of sunglasses nowadays. Look at one of the most popular brands like Ray Ban sunglasses. They have many models with small lenses, and for some reason it is more popular for men then women. They also have many models with large lenses they look modern and stylish. Same think with Ray Ban prescription eyeglasses. So, do not …
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