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02 Jun

If you consider yourself part of the counter culture, if you like skateboarding, photography, or funky house music, Arnette Eyewear is the brand for you. We here at Optics Planet recently had the pleasure of meeting some reps all the way from California, where the Arnette brand lives and breathes. They, like their brand where very easy going and fun, surfer type of guys. Relative to the local scene with a totally urban vibe Arnette is making its way all across America at concerts, on artists, skateboarders, surfers, musicians, tattoo artists and Festival goers alike. Being a not so typical mother of three, one with tattoos and purple hair, I immediately fell in love with the new refreshed Arnette line, but it’s not just for us wild ones!

The new Arnette line is marketed toward Tween to Mid Thirties. What this means is that their eyeglass line is fitted toward the smaller face, which is awesome because there is not a bunch of eye wear lines out there made for smaller faces. Their eyeglasses range in size from a 47mm eye size to a 53mm eye size with a few stragglers over or under. The color palette ranges from beautiful …
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30 Oct

Alright so maybe you don’t want to look like a Rapper, but maybe you have wanted to look like a Surfer, a cast member from Jersey Shore, or a night club DJ. There are thousands of styles of frames on the market right now. A certain style of frame paired with the perfect outfit and you’ll have no trouble duplicating any of those styles. Let’s break it down a little bit and find the perfect shape frame to create the appearance you desire for the day.

Do you want to look like a Naturalist or Tree Hugger perhaps? I’ve got two really cool brands for you: Wood U? and Earth Wood. For those of you that follow our blog Larum recently talked about the Earth Wood brand so I’m sure you already know all the beautiful details, if not go back and read it! Both of these environment friendly brands use real wood to make their frames. You can get them with lots of different lens colors and wood shades. Any of these frames paired with a fitted white tee shirt, some worn out Levi’s, Chuck Taylors and a pony tail would be a complete Tree Hugger look. Check …
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13 Mar

Working as an Optician I hear time and time again, Heather I’m so upset, I lost my prescription glasses! It is very common for people to call me up and request for me to replace an order they placed not too long ago. This always make me feel very bad. We all know that prescription sun or eye glasses are NOT inexpensive. Because this makes me feel so bad, and I’m not going to lie: I to have lost my glasses before: I did a little research to give you some tips on how to not lose your glasses.


1.)    Have a home for your glasses. Where ever you take them, have a home. When they’re in the car have one set location where you always place them. If you wear your then into your house have a designated shelf or bowl where you store them each time. This will automatically cut out those times where you can’t remember where you threw them last and you have to tear the house apart only to remember that you left them in the car!


2.)    Use the case!!! I’m pretty sure every single pair of prescription frames I ever …
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16 Mar

The sun is out and I love it. I am thinking Spring and I need new sunglasses of course.  I finally found the Wayfarer style that works best for me. Imagine the drum roll as the Ray-Ban RB4165 Sunglasses enters stage left.  For those of us with larger hat sizes these sunglasses are perfect. I have had trouble in the past finding a Wayfarer that looks good on me. Ray-Ban has heard my prayers and I am grateful. The particular pair that has tickled my fancy is the 853/5D-5416 described as the Rubber Gradient Blue/Transparent Frame with Gradient Brown Lenses in 54mm Lens Diameter. These lenses gradually goes from Brown to Blue and it’s so freaking spectacular. I tend to wear a lot of Blue so this is certainly meant to be. I can’t wait to saunter around downtown Chicago in my sweet shades. Thank you again Ray-Ban!

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10 Jun

What did I tell you!! I had no doubts that Blackhawks would win!! I was at the bar watching the game the whole night. It was so intense that I bit all my nails off :). We could not hear a thing when the game started, but after the 3rd goal that Flyers made the whole bar went dead. People were really quiet watching the overtime. When Patrick Kane made that goal the place went wild. I, personally, lost my voice and can’t talk today. People were dancing on tables, taking pictures with people they don’t even know, hugging and kissing each other. It was beautiful! The city was even crazier last night. Fireworks were everywhere. People were running around and giving high fives to people in the cars. It was amazing! I am sure we have more seasons like that coming!!! I wish I was there today meeting the team when they came home. I heard Blackhawks let their fans touch the Stanley Cup. This is what I call a real team with a real spirit! Go Chicago Blackhawks!

And guess what! I am getting my Ray Ban sunglasses! However now I am not sure which ones …
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09 Jun

OpticsPlanet Blackhawks FansGo Blackhawks!! Today might be the day when Chicago Blackhawks will become Stanley Cup Champions. Last time they won was a while ago and I really hope that today will be their lucky day. Optics Planet is supporting the team all the way. For the whole day today we are wearing Blackhawks Jerseys. I am wearing one myself along with at least half of the company!

One of my good friends is actually a fan of Philadelphia Flyers. We made a bet, who ever wins the finals will get a pair of any Ray Ban sunglasses. My choice would be Ray Ban Aviators sunglasses. He likes Ray Ban Wayfarer more. So far the game has been pretty intense, but I am sure that by the end of today I will get a brand new pair of Ray Bans. :) OpticsPlanet Blackhawk Fans part II
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16 Apr

Hello to everyone who reads our blog! The weather is finally getting better here in Illinois. It is sunny and warm! Isn’t that what we were waiting for! I wanted to give you a heads up that we are now, officially, selling Burberry sunglasses and Burberry eyeglasses. I am almost positive that everyone is familiar with that brand and loves it for a very unique brand name design. I always wanted to get a pair of Burberry sunglasses, especially if I saw someone else wearing them. They just look so good, don’t you agree.

Their collection is great. It has styles for absolutely everyone. They have sunglasses with a hidden logo for those who don’t like big logos on the frames. They have glasses with big logos for those who everyone to see what glasses you are wearing. They have small and large models. The best part is that every model comes with a custom Burberry carrying case. Burberry eyewear is also available in a prescription form!…
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03 Mar

Ray Ban 2140 Flower Print Ray Ban keeps going forward with the famous Wayfarer style! Now they offer rare prints for the most innovative and fashion forward consumers. RayBan has introduced new models with the funky and eye-catching prints – RARE prints lol These two new colors are a part of the special limited edition series.

Ray-Ban 2140 style 102132-5022 is inspired with the artistic Flowers motif. The frame has a cool blue-violet-light green “summer” print on the front and a solid blue color on the back. There is another RB2140 model 1018-5022 that features solid black frame front and has the trendy flower print on the back.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Rare Prints - Subway Ray Ban 2140 1033-5022 is the Subway (or Metro) style. It has a print that represents a section of the NY subway map on the front!!! Looks kind of cool – check out the image. Same story as with the Flower model – it has a twin frame that comes black on the outside and textured with the metro print on the inside.

The good news for prescription wearers is that these frames are a part of Ray-Ban prescription sun glasses collection. You can have your Rx ground into the prescription lenses and rock in the stylish …
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27 Feb

For a month now my friend David (whom I also work with) has been asking me when we would be selling the Smith Sunglasses. I am proud to announce that we have them. I can see why he was so pumped about it. Not only do they look sharp but to see through them explains everything. I’m not saying looking cool isn’t important, but now that I work with eye-wear, optical quality is very important. So I will explain.

One of the perks of working with sunglasses is that I get first dibs. I borrowed them and I wore them over the weekend. Smith Boardwalk SunglassesCan I just say this? I rocked them. And people noticed. People asked me about them. Okay so that was my first test. But when I looked through them……..there it is. The lenses made everything sharper. My depth perception seemed better too. Visual distortion occurs when light waves hit an aggressively-curved lens causing it to bend or distort an objects true size or position. But their TLT (Tapered Lens Technology) corrects the distortion by progressively tapering the lens from the optical center towards the out edges. What you see is what you get!

I had chosen …
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15 Jan

Ray Ban RB3442Q Outdoorsman Aviator by Ray-BanRay Ban came out with a great new collection. Sunglasses which are crafted from genuine deer leather. What I mean by that is that the frames will have some leather detailing on it. Sometimes it is the whole frame that is crafted from leather, sometimes it is just a small detail of the frame. In both ways sunglasses look awesome. All the work is done to perfection in Italy. They come with matching leather cases.

Ray Ban RB3415Q Caravan by Ray-BanMost popular Ray-Ban styles were re-introduced in the Craft Collection – Ray Ban Caravan Craft, Ray Ban Wings Craft and Ray Ban Outdoorsman Craft RB3442Q. In addition to the Ray Ban unbeatable optical quality and clean & classic design, these frames feature luxurious leather real leather details. It is a great gift for someone you care about even if that someone is you! Take a look at the available model of Ray-Ban RB3415Q Sunglasses which is already orderable with prescription eyewear lenses! And as always, OpticsPlanet Sunglasses On Line Store is there for you to make any optical dreams come true 😉…
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