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Safety glassses, sunglasses and goggles for work, shooting, emergency services, military, etc.

14 Aug

There are many activities that we do on every day basis that require our eyes to be protected. Most of the time, we don’t even think about that. Lab workers or construction workers have to protect their eyes from all the particles and chemicals they work with. I saw construction personnel working without any type of eyewear so many times. Safety glasses are a must in cases like that. What if something happens around you or the wind will blow the other way and you will get pieces of something flying into your eye! It can damage our eyes forever.

Pyramex safety glasses are a leader between all safety glasses brands. They are great for laboratories and for constructions, for remodeling or for just cutting grass. These safety glasses are not very expensive, but they will definitely save your eyes and save you money in a long run.…
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11 Aug

Optics Planet works closely with military and law enforcement personnel. Many of them buy goggles needed for work. They definitely need goggles that will protect their eyes, no matter what happens on the field. We have many different brands of tactical goggles available. You will ask why not buy any other goggles. Tactical goggles come with ballistic lenses. These lenses are great for protecting the eyes especially if you have a bullet flying into you or a bomb that can blow up any minute. We have a few brands that specialize in tactical goggles. Wiley X is one of them. We had many customers who bought Wiley X goggles from us. They, later on, send us pictures of them showing that if it wasn’t for the goggles they would be blind.

We also have ESS goggles which have a special line of goggles made for firefighters. They come with a special lens coating to protect the eyes in case of a fire. ESS has developed one of the best protective eyewear that delivers peak performance in extreme situations!ESS Goggles

I strongly recommend buying tactical goggles if you use them for military, motorcycle riding, or shooting. Regular goggles will not save …
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22 Apr

I love motorcycle riding and even though I am afraid to learn to ride myself I am a professional back seat rider. :) Motorcycle season is coming very soon and I think that all bikers need to start thinking on what sunglasses they will wear this summer. You know how it usually happens! You put a pair of regular sunglasses on thinking that it should protect and cover your eyes; however it really does not protect your eyes from anything. Motorcycle glasses need to cover your eyes from any wind or dust. I am sure that all of you will agree with me that it is very unpleasant to ride a bike and feel that you are crying and your tears are crawling around your face. It is very uncomfortable and dangerous. However, if you have the right pair of eyewear you will never have that happen.

Sunglasses like Wiley X or Bobster will not only protect your eyes from wind but also protect them from any rocks or flies flying into your eyes. Wiley X sunglasses and Bobster sunglasses come with polycarbonate lenses which will never break in pieces. Awesome, isn’t it? Both brands have a foam gasket on the …
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13 Mar

Wiley X is one of the most popular military eyewear brands and a lot of people who need vision correction are looking for Wiley X prescription sunglasses and Wiley X prescription goggles.

Wiley X Rx glasses are not only strongly demanded by military, they are also pretty popular with sportsmen and bikers. In addition to single vision Rx lenses and bifocals, no-line progressive lenses used to be available for Wiley X frames. But some patients used to have problems adjusting to the progressive lenses. We still make Wiley X progressive prescription sunglasses. But it is more case by case basis now. It mainly depends on the prescription. Wiley X makes great products and I would strongly recommend everyone to take a look at their great prescription sunglasses collection. However, there is another brand that is very popular for military and law enforcement called ESS. ESS prescription sunglasses are available with both lined and no-line bifocal lenses. So if no-line bifocal lenses is a must for you take a look at ESS prescription eyewear.…
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17 Dec

Still looking for holiday gifts? Do not worry! OpticsPlanet solves this problem for you :-). It might be even better that you did not purchase a gift earlier, a week before Christmas is the time when you get best deals on everything! We have a great collection of eyewear (and not only eyewear ;-)) products in our physical US Illinois-based stock, that are ready to be shipped right away! Just browse our web site for the best sunglasses always in stock. The selection is too wide, don’t know what to choose? No worries! We have prepared unique gift guides that will help you to choose the right thing for the right person :-) .

Here are some great eyewear gift ideas:

Spy Bias GogglesGifts for Skiers – Ski goggles is a perfect gift for ski enthusiasts. Spy Optic Bias Goggles is a great gift for women and Bolle Shark is a nice present for men. Bolle and Spy Optic make high quality ski goggles that feature no fog lenses and perfect fit.

Gifts for Fishermen – polarized sunglasses are recommended for any activity around water. Bolle Beta 10322 is premium polarized sunwear. Polarization filter fights the glare coming from any shiny surface …
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16 Jun

Wiley X is one of our best-selling brands of sunglasses and goggles, and a reason for their popularity is innovative features that no one else offers. For many people with active lifestyles and for those need reliable protection for their profession, Wiley X is often the only brand that meets their needs.

The recently introduced 2008 collection from Wiley X shows that the label is at the top of its game when it comes to innovation.

A welcome addition is the new Women’s Street Series. Four stylish, edgy models with the unmatched craftsmanship Wiley is known for. The look is medium to large and offers a practical balance of fashion and protective coverage. Wide temples and a close-fitting wrap add to the safety of these stunning sunnies.

On the town, on your skis or on your Harley, the Wiley X Women’s Street Series is designed for every lifestyle. Capture your personality in the Lacy, Stomp, Ashley or Dalila from Wiley X!…
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