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07 Jan

Winter is here and it’s time for fun in the snow. When buying ski goggles for you ski trip or snowboarding look for lenses in the vermillion color. Yes, real adventures wear Pink!

Why is Vermillion the number one choice for skiers? Why choose a vermillion lenses instead of the more common grey types on the market? The Vermillion lenses actually enhance contrast, increasing depth perception by filtering haze and reducing glare, making them a perfect choice for snow activities. Â So don’t delay, get your goggles today!…
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11 Dec

We all know that winter is here. We already had snow and freezing weather and it is only the second week of December. It is a great time to get all of your winter gear ready for skiing, snow boarding, traveling and etc. I am sure that each and every one of us needs at least on pair of ski goggles. That is of course if you are a skier. :)

To tell you the truth I can not wait to open up the ski season this year. I have bought new goggles for myself few weeks ago and I really want to try them. They are Bolle Simmer Ski goggles form the new Bolle goggle collection this year. I have had Bolle goggles before and I love them for not fogging up when I am skiing down the hill. Also, great goggles are Spy Optic goggles.

It is a great time to start you shopping and even get it on time for Christmas!…
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23 Mar

You have a great opportunity to buy some bold ski goggles at unbelievable price now. The skiing season is almost over in most states and all stores are selling out the ski gear they have left. Great deals are on. Next fall the prices will go back up!

OpticsPlanet has all snow goggles and prescription ski goggles on sale now with a fast and free shipping. Don’t miss your chance to grab a nice pair of ski goggles at a half price!…
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13 Jan

Ski season is here. Ready? Don’t forget to grab your snow gear and let’s rock it!

Ski GogglesSki Goggles will protect your eyes from wind and debris. In addition, the lenses will cut glare and haze coming from the shiny snow surface, and block harmful UV rays. I would recommend double lenses as they provide a thermal barrier that prevents the lenses from fogging.

Top three best-selling ski goggles:

Bolle Ski Goggles

Spy Ski Goggles

Julbo Ski Goggles

Julbo Explorer Ski Sunglasses/GogglesSki Sunglasses – For those who do not like mask-type-of-eyewear, eyewear manufactures introduced ski sunglasses. Some models come in a package with an elastic strap that can be attached to the sunglass temples. Wearing the sunglasses with a strap, you can be sure that the sunglasses will stay on your face and do not fall off while you enjoy skiing. I would also recommend you to get sunglasses with a foam seal or a gasket. It will provide you with comfort and an additional protection from the wind.

Top three best-selling ski sunglasses:

Bolle Traverse Ski Sunglasses

Bolle Winshear Ski Sunglasses

Julbo Explorer Ski Sunglasses

Ski Prescription Goggles – Prescription wearers can customize their goggles with prescription …
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17 Dec

Still looking for holiday gifts? Do not worry! OpticsPlanet solves this problem for you :-). It might be even better that you did not purchase a gift earlier, a week before Christmas is the time when you get best deals on everything! We have a great collection of eyewear (and not only eyewear ;-)) products in our physical US Illinois-based stock, that are ready to be shipped right away! Just browse our web site for the best sunglasses always in stock. The selection is too wide, don’t know what to choose? No worries! We have prepared unique gift guides that will help you to choose the right thing for the right person :-) .

Here are some great eyewear gift ideas:

Spy Bias GogglesGifts for Skiers – Ski goggles is a perfect gift for ski enthusiasts. Spy Optic Bias Goggles is a great gift for women and Bolle Shark is a nice present for men. Bolle and Spy Optic make high quality ski goggles that feature no fog lenses and perfect fit.

Gifts for Fishermen – polarized sunglasses are recommended for any activity around water. Bolle Beta 10322 is premium polarized sunwear. Polarization filter fights the glare coming from any shiny surface …
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01 Dec

This season’s Ski Goggles and Snowboard Goggles from Bolle and Spy Optic offer professional-level performance in optics and frame ventilation. An advancement that I appreciate is how well the new Ski Goggles fit and how comfortable they are. However, there are days when goggles are more than necessary and a good pair of Sunglasses will do the job.

A durable plastic frame and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses are the best choices for safe Sunglasses for sports. The plastics come in a variety of colors so you should be able to find something to go with your outfit.

Choosing lens color can be tricky.

Pink and yellow lens are recommended for overcast days because the colors provide a brighter view and enhanced contrast to bring out the contours of the slope. However, for bright days you need a darker lens. You should also consider light conditions changing throughout the day and changes as you go in and out of the ski house.

Related to lens color is polarization. Polarized Lens are great for minimizing glare off flat surfaces like snow. However, polarized lens naturally have a darkening effect so they might not be right in overcast or after early evening.

To block …
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15 Nov

It’s beginning to look a lot like ski season. Yesss!

A customer said she was buying ski goggles as a Christmas present for her husband to replace a pair he’s had since 8th grade. She said the old pair, literally, disintegrated.

If you can trace your goggles back to when Jean-Claude Killy swept the slalom, giant slalom and downhill in the 1968 Olympics, it’s probably a good time to treat yourself to a new pair.

OpticsPlanet is ready get you seeing and looking great on the slopes with trail-blazing deals on this season’s best Ski and Snowboard Goggles from Bolle Ski Goggles and Spy Optic Goggles.

Both brands offer similar features in lens technology which include anti-fogging, scratch-resistance and 100% UV protection. Each brand makes available a comprehensive range of replacement lenses in colors that cover all light conditions.

Both brands excel in frame designs with advanced ventilation features.

Spy Optic has a lot of experience making goggles for motorcycle racing and Spy Optic Goggles use an advanced foam that controls moisture against your face. However, Bolle Ski Goggles also use the latest foam and it feels like you’re not wearing goggles at all.

Both brands offer small-sized goggles …
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