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Heather is an Eye-wear Expert, Customer Care Specialist and Optician at OpticsPlanet, Inc. With a back ground in the fashion industry and a license in Cosmetology, Heather adds her fun and funky flair to picking out perfect eye-wear. Heather comes from a back ground of Dance and Music and is native to Oklahoma. Her passion for fashion and southern hospitality make a perfect combination for excelled customer care.

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26 Sep

Lucky Baby Blues

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It’s often thought that blue eyes are the most attractive. People with blue eyes often receive compliments on how beautiful their eyes are. I’ve heard more than once from people with brown eyes… I wish I had your eye color!  But are us, blue eyed, people the lucky ones? Not when it comes to eye health.

So first off, blue eyes are not a gift, it is purely a genetic mutation! All human beings are African descents, originally all humans had brown eyes. According to researchers at the University of Copenhagen, one individual 6,000 to 10,000 years ago from Europe suffered this genetic mutation and ended up with blue eyes. This mutation basically made us where our eyes don’t hold melanin. Melanin is a pigment held in the iris of the eye. A lot of this pigment, melanin, makes eyes brown. For those of us who are mutants and have iris that won’t hold melanin are eyes look blue.

Melanin is said to help protect the eye from harsh UV radiation, so technically individuals with beautiful brown eyes are more protected than those of us with blue. Blue eyed individuals have nothing in the iris to naturally protect our eyes, …
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27 Apr

Greens & Browns and Greys, Oh My!

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With summer coming, comes outdoor activities. I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about what lens color is good for what and while some brands have specific lens colors for very specific things such as the Bolle Competivision lens for Tennis, I decided to make a rough list of populate activities and the best lens colors for those.

Overall we should always keep in mind that grey and green and grey lenses are very similar in properties. Both are neutral colors so when wearing them everything in sight looks as it normally would just darker. Brown is a contrasting color so the wearing will notice a high contrast in color, like the sky looking bluer, grass looking greener and so on. All lens colors in the brown family will be contrasting lenses such as amber, copper, orange and yellow. Another thing to keep in mind is that a polarized lens will always been darker than a non-polarized lens. So if you are in a place with extreme sunlight you may want to consider a polarized lens and on the contrary if you live in a place mostly overcast, you may not want a polarized lens.

We are not focusing …
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13 Dec

Time to Get Gifting

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Christmas time is upon us and I’m sure you’ve been busy gathering presents for family and friends! It’s the best part if you ask me. It’s easy to forget about eye protection when it’s so cold and gloomy out, but you’ll soon find the sun reflection off the snow can be pretty harsh. Eye wear is a perfect gift because everyone needs it. I’ve gathered a few products to help you along the way…

For women you can’t really go wrong with some aviator sunglasses. The shape looks good on almost all face types and the style is super classic so no need to worry about them not being in fashion. Ray Ban RB3025 is a very classic style. Now they offer this model with many frame colors as well as lens options. Ray Ban recently releases some rainbow mirror lenses that no woman can resist, they are simply stunning. Serengeti also makes some stunning aviators. All the Serengeti lenses will be photochtomatic which means slightly light adjusting, this makes them great for both summer and winter. And if you want to get REALLY fancy Randolph Engineering offers the Pilot 23K Gold Aviator which is sure to dazzle the lady …
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05 Oct

Easy Halloween Costumes for Girls with Glasses!

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It’s getting close to my all-time favorite holiday… Halloween!!! I love making Halloween costumes and am currently in the works of making a Pikachu costume for my son, a Pichu costume for my daughter, and two troll costumes for my co-worker and myself! So, for you all, I was thinking of creating a quick costume guide for Girls that wear glasses…And here we go!


  • Minion. Yellow long sleeve shirt and overalls. Yellow beanie cap. Black frame
  • Marcy from the Peanuts. Black bob wig. Red T-shirt with blue jeans. White Keds tennis shoes. Circle style frames.
  • Hipster. Wife beater tank top paired with a flannel. Skinny jeans. Chuck Taylor shoes. Beanie cap. Thick black wayfarer style frames and carry a reusable tote and a bicycle tire.
  • Liberian. Low heels with a grey or brown A-line skirt. Oversized cardigan. Cat eye frames. Carry a few books around.
  • Garth from Wayne’s World. Ratty 80’s blonde wig. Tattered jeans. Old band T-shirt with a flannel. Thick black wayfarer style frames.
  • Waldo. Red and white stripped long sleeve shirt with skinny blue jeans. Brown boots. Red and white stripped beanie. Thick black circle style frame. Carry binoculars.
11 Aug

I NEED something cool!

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Just to piggy back off last week’s blog post “Importance of Children’s Sunglasses” written by our wonderful staff member Jay, today let’s talk about Children’s and Teen sunglasses. We learned last week the importance of protecting those tiny eyes, but kids are kids and they all have their very own certain needs. Learn about the brands and technologies that will help keep your kids eyes safe.

School is back in session and that means sports! Bolle, Julbo, and Wiley X all make super cute, comfortable, safety sports glasses in both eye glasses and in sunglasses, prescription and non-prescription. Bolle just released a new line of protective glasses called Bolle Sport Protective. This line includes five different models of full coverage safety glasses for youths. The new Bolle line of protective frames offer New polycarbonate grade frames. All Sport Protective frames are constructed with a recently developed grade of polycarbonate, delivering flexibility for comfort combined with a very high level of impact resistance. Additional benefits include: greater adjustability and an unrivalled ergonomic fit and Easy and mechanical glazing process. Each frame is glazed with 2mm minimum thickness polycarbonate protective lenses, Bolle Sport Protective products are equipped with a prescription gasket …
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13 Jul

Who messed up my Glasses?

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You just placed an order online for prescription glasses. You are waiting patiently with excitement. They’re here!!! You rip open the box, fall in love with your new frames and place them on your face. To your disappointment your vision is not crisp or clear. They must have been made incorrectly or maybe not….


While prescription eye wear is made by the hands of human beings so there will always be a slight chance that a human error may have occurred, often times that is not the case.  Hopefully this blog will help you understand what you should do should this happen to you. When you get your new glasses and they do not feel quite right you may see things a little fuzzy, you may be seeing in tunnel vision or perhaps your depth perception feels off.

If you are a multi-focal wearer you probably know by now that these types of lenses or any new lenses most often need an adjustment period. This means giving your eyes time to adapt to your new lenses. So first thing first, if you get your new glasses, especially lined bifocal or progressive lenses and things do not feel quite right, …
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09 Jun

I’d like the Executive, Please: A Bifocal blog

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What do you picture when you hear the word Bifocal? I picture a lens with a thumbprint area on the bottom filled with magnification. If you pictured that too, you are correct. But, there are so many more kinds of bifocals out there…

Flat Top lens (also known as D-seg or Straight Top): The most common bifocal in our time is called a Flat Top 28. It has this name because the flat portion on the top of the magnification area is 28mm wide. The Flat Top 28 lens is good for many purposes. The ideal patient would use this lens to do everyday activities like read, drive, or for leisurely activities. For most people, this 28 millimeter area of reading magnification works perfectly. For patients that like a little bit bigger of reading magnification there is also a Flat Top 38, which of course is just like the 28 but has 10 millimeters more room across the lens.

flat top bifocal

Alternately to the Flat Top on might select a Round Seg bifocal lens which is basically a Flat Top bifocal turned upside down. This created a reading magnification bubble, so to speak, instead of the harsh line of a Flat Top …
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19 Nov

Make-Up Magic for Four Eye Beauties

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As all you fashionistas are aware, prescription glasses are so in right now! Super nerdy, thick, chunky frames were an embarrassing appendage that may have made you want to fake sick as a child, but now… Now the nerdier the better! But with all this frame on your face it is important you do your make-up appropriately as to not take away from your hipster style. Here are a few pointers I threw together for you four eyed beauties.

Let’s start with the face: I always recommend keeping the focus on EITHER the eyes or the lips. With that being said for your face make-up you always want a fresh, clean look. Keep in mind that the prescription lenses in your frames can high light under eye darkness or discoloration. For this problem just start with a yellow base concealer. Even out your beautiful skin with your favorite foundation and always top that off with a translucent power to set everything. Ladies, don’t walk around looking like you are from the 80’s! Use a foundation that matches your skin tone and for goodness sakes make sure you blend the foundation around your hairline and under your chin. There is nothing …
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23 Sep

You’re Getting Older.

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You’re getting older. No big deal. Seventy is the new sixty. Sixty the new fifty and fifty the new forty! We are in the age of amazing skin care, healthier lifestyles and now your glasses can even hide your age! I hear multiple times a day from customers “well, I’m getting older”, getting older people associate with bad eye sight. But just because your eye sight is going downhill doesn’t mean people need to know about it.

Scenario One: You are simply having a hard time reading.

You could just scoot on down to your local drug store and pick up a pair of pre-manufactured “Readers”. This are usually small reading glasses with a magnification of between +1.00 and +4.00. This magnification would be completely throughout the lens. The problem with drug store “readers” if they often are not available in fashionable styles. You could classify them as function and not fashion. But instead of doing that, now there are many fashionable options of “readers” from online shops you can buy from. Fosters Grant is a fairly new company that specializes in fashion readers. Their reading glasses are also available in sunglass form and for men, women and …
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11 Sep

School Supplies, Lunches and Eye Exams

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School is back in session. You’ve bought supplies, new school clothes, and made lunches. But, did you do everything you could to ensure your little one does great this school year? My daughter, Jaya started second grade this year. She is a very bright little girl who loves to learn and she had always done very well at school. Last year I noticed her struggling a little bit. We practiced over homework more heavily. I printed off extra work sheets and she did them in her spare time. Still she suffered. It turns out that Jaya was starting to have a little trouble with her vision. Being able to see the black board or reading material properly is essential to your little ones education, eighty percent of what children learn in school is taught visually.

Although eye exams should be done at six months, again at three years and then annually, here are some early warning signs of bad vision that parents should keep an eye out for.

1)      Children sitting very close to the television or holding their books closer to their face.

2)      Closing one eye when watching or reading something.

3)      Excessively rubbing their eyes, sensitivity …
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