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28 Nov

Tis The Season for Some Eyewear!

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As most people are dreading this time of year, I’m excited to help make it a little easier for that special someone who is looking for a snazzy new pair of eyewear for the holiday season.  It’s hard to narrow down exactly what will look good on who, so I’ll help provide some suggestions for the different face shapes and what style will show off their beauty!

Square Shaped Face: Having natural bold features such as a strong jawline make you a head turner.  In these cases individuals with a more squared shaped face should try on round, oval, cat eye or butterfly shaped frames to help draw everyone’s eyes into your striking features.

Shopping Options: Take a look at the Vogue VO5166S, Dolce&Gabbana DG4304 or possibly the Persol PO3129S


Oval Shaped Face: There are so many benefits to having an oval shaped face, which includes looking good in almost every style!  A great option would be looking into a rectangular shaped frame to help balance out the vertical lines.

Shopping Options:  If you’re looking for some recommendations, take a look at the Prada PS 32PS or even the Ray-Ban RB4075


Round Shaped Face: Round shape faces are known …
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08 Jun

The Eye of the Tiger aka Dog

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Happy Almost Friday Eyewear World!


I am doing a little twist on the topic for this blog.  Most of you may not know, but I’m an avid dog lover and try to give my two shepherds the most adventurous life possible.  Of course, us humans make sure our eyes are protected against the harsh UV rays, but why not protect our animals?


Most people don’t realize that their dog’s eyes are as sensitive, if not more sensitive as ours, and a lot of canines will be diagnosed with some sort of eye ailment within the first decade of their lives.  I own German Shepherds who are prone to Chronic Superficial Keratitis so I like to ensure they’re protected from the direct UV rays, bright light and direct heat of the sun when we’re out and about.


There is a company called Rex Specs that are specifically designed for the protection of our canine’s eyes.  They are created to protect our sacred animals from many harsh elements such as the sun of course, debris, dirt, grass or liquids. Rex Specs recommends using their eyewear for dogs already diagnosed with Chronic Superficial Keratitis or animals at risk to try and eliminate …
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27 Jan

We are closer than you think! Prepare yourself!

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As I’m sure you’re all well aware, the winter is dwindling away and we will soon be entering spring.  To be exact, we have 51 days, 16 hours and 7 minutes, so let’s start planning ahead and get your eyewear prepped for those sunny days.  This year, this year you should splurge on yourself and get a pair of sunglasses that will not only protect those precious eyes of yours, but also last you a lifetime!


If that is what you’re looking for, you need to consider getting yourself a pair of Maui Jim’s!  They came out with a couple new styles for this upcoming summer, I am almost positive won’t disappoint!  Now, if you’re not familiar with Maui Jim, there are a couple things you need to know about them.


  1. All their lenses have a high-efficiency polarized film to reduce glare.
  2. Color enhancing features that enhance nature light to help deliver the optimal color & clarity.
  3. Backside anti-reflective coating to reduce glare reflecting from behind, below and above.
  4. Oleophobic properties to repeal water, grease and dirt.
  5. Patented clearshell scratch coating for the utmost protection and durability.


With all that goodness being said, let’s review some of …
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26 Oct

Need to Spook Up Your Halloween Costume?

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Adding accessories to your Halloween costume can do nothing but make it much more awesome!  Now, the best way to do this to add some eyewear to compliment your attire.  Now, there are always popular trends each year, so I’m going to try and offer some recommendations to spice them up properly.

#1 PokemonGo Trainer – Not to be judgmental, but we all know if you’re dressing up as a PokemonGo Trainer, you have a little nerd in your system.  I say no judgement, because I’m a total nerd.  I would definitely recommend some chunky nylon frames to set the proper trend to your nerdiness.  Some great options would be the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer RB2140 or possible go a little more hipster with some Persol PO3019S Sunglasses.


#2 SnapChat Filters – of course, why would this not be the #1 most popular costume, but majority of the filters add some aspect of eyewear to your face.  Let’s start with the Police Officer, a classic Ray-Ban RB3025 would work perfectly, Ray-Ban offers some great mirror coating options to fit the stereotypical police officer.  We also have the summer oriented filter which made you look like a cartoon character, which is also …
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22 Aug

4 Tips to Selecting Children’s Eyewear

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Of course, you want you child to be the “cool kid” but still have the ability to see the lectures in school.  Having to purchase prescription eyewear for your child seems dreadful, but I’m here to provide some helpful tips when it comes to choosing the right eyewear for your child.

Tip #1: Choosing the right lens material.

If your kid has a more mild prescription, I would recommend choosing either a Polycarbonate or Trivex lens material.  With a mild prescription, the lenses will be nice and light along with shatter resistant.  This will prevent harm to the eyes if any accidents were to happen and the lenses were to be directly impacted.  Now that your spawn can properly see, they can rock some awesome eyeglasses to show off their unique style.

Now, if your child suffers with a stronger prescription, I would highly consider spending the extra money and splurging on a high index lens material.  This will allow for a lighter, thinner and more comfortable lens which is still considered shatter resistant.  Therefore you can prevent the future embarrassment of being called four-eyes or being told they are wearing coke bottles.  To be completely honest, I’m not sure …
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21 Jul

Don’t lose your eye sight … or your Pokemon!

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Okay, we all know you play PokemonGo, so there is no reason to hide it.

What you do want to make sure you’re hiding, is your eyes.  As your embarking on this journey to find the rarest of the rare Moltres Pokemon, you want to make sure your eyes can handle all the strain from the prolonged hours in the sun, hunting through your neighbor’s backyard to fine those Zapdos, Mewtwo’s and Articuno’s before anyone else.  Don’t you worry, I am here to offer you some awesome options to keep you the cool kit on the block, winning battles at the gym while ensuring your eyes aren’t taking in too much UVA/B/C rays.


Being a PokemonGo addict myself, I know my eyes rarely come off the screen of my phone unless I’m in fear of getting hit by a car, attacked by a coyote or possibly coming close to falling off a cliff.  Therefore, I highly recommend going with a non-polarized lens to ensure there is no distortion or blacking out of your screen.  I can only see the disappointment now, your first Squirtle pops up on your screen and out of excitement you start jumping around.  All of a …
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16 Jun

Where did you come from?

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Okay, so I figured I’d go a little more research oriented this time because I was interested in the history behind the progressive lens, so bear with me if this post is a little drier but it will be informational. The progressive lens has always been a mystery to me, mainly because I think its technology is intriguing on how someone can magically put two magnification powers in a lens with no visual transition between prescriptions.

Here we go! The initial progressive lens was designed by Owen Aves in 1907, yes you heard that right, my mind was blown when I learned that the first progressive lens was designed in the early 1900’s! Sir Aves lenses were not designed specifically for the public use so the first modern commercial lens was not actually released until 1953 by Varilux & Carl Zeiss. Figures the big boys of the industry would be the ones to release to the public, but I guess it makes sense.

The issue with the initial released progressive lenses was that they were not asymmetrical, instead the reading point was about 14mm below and about 2mm from the nasal side. Therefore the patient would have to tilt their …
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25 Mar

Are you ready to transition, with Transitions?

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Bright Sun

Everyone is looking to kill two birds with one stone in almost every aspect of their life, so why not try and multitask when it comes to your eyewear?  Transitional lenses have a stereotype attached to them as “old people lenses” but the brand Transitions have been making some modern steps that can suit the style of even the hippest of young adults.

Starting off with Transitions Signature Series Lenses.  These bad boys are your basic indoor/outdoor lens that will satisfy the needs of the young adult who is always on the move.  Let’s use a kindergarten teacher as an example, these brave souls are constantly chasing around little people and understandably so, do not have the time to swap from eyeglasses to sunglasses when coming in and out from playtime.  Therefore, having the ability to wear a Transitions Signature Lens, could help alleviate the stress of being blinded by not having the time to switch to the appropriate eyewear or the possibility of a runaway child when you have to turn your back to grab your sunglasses.  These lenses will sadly not transition behind the windshield of your car due to the UV Coating on the windows, so …
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28 Oct

Is your job giving you headaches?

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Let me start off by saying I have some firsthand experience with my metal state taking a toll on my productivity at work.  I’ve come to realize that the combination of fluorescent lighting glaring down at my eyes paired with staring at a computer screen for about 8 hours a day takes a toll on the comfort of my brain.  Thankfully, even though it’s taken me a couple years, I have found a solution to the daily headaches which has helped my productivity sky rocket.

Originally I assumed my daily 12:00 headaches were due to a lack of caffeine, so I found myself pounding down red bulls or coffee just hoping it would relieve the pain radiating from my brain and out my eyeballs.  When the excessive amounts of caffeine did not suppress the pain and only get my caffeine high rolling, I decided to expand my horizons and came to the conclusion that possibly the fluorescent lighting was taking a toll on my eyes.

Now due to the fact that my original, incorrect, thought of “caffeine” being the culprit of my ongoing headaches, I did not want to immediately splurge on some designer eyeglasses. I decided to
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02 Jul

Obsessions Are Over Rated

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For all of you that have been following my posts, I’m sure you know by now that I have a very unhealthy relationship with the Aviator Style Frames.  I currently own WAY too many, if you would like a terrifying example, take a look at my current list of frames:

My first pair ever and the beginning of this terrible obsession was the Ray-Ban RB3407 Rainbow Outdoorsman II.  My goodness this frame has a beautiful Glass Gradient Rose Lens with a flash of Silver Mirror that I immediately fell in love with.  After that I needed something a little more practical that I could wear on a day to day basis.  Therefore, I had purchased the Serengeti Medium Aviator 7109 and let me tell you, I instantly fell in love.  The dark Photochromatic 555NM lens was absolutely perfect for just about every application. Now, I own this beautiful pair of Ray-Bans for special occasions and just purchased a gorgeous pair of Serengeti’s for my more “every day” wearing; now I have to get a pair that compliments my features.  I am definitely a red head, so I needed a pair of gold frames, so I splurged on …
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