28 Nov

Tis The Season for Some Eyewear!

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As most people are dreading this time of year, I’m excited to help make it a little easier for that special someone who is looking for a snazzy new pair of eyewear for the holiday season.  It’s hard to narrow down exactly what will look good on who, so I’ll help provide some suggestions for the different face shapes and what style will show off their beauty!

Square Shaped Face: Having natural bold features such as a strong jawline make you a head turner.  In these cases individuals with a more squared shaped face should try on round, oval, cat eye or butterfly shaped frames to help draw everyone’s eyes into your striking features.

Shopping Options: Take a look at the Vogue VO5166S, Dolce&Gabbana DG4304 or possibly the Persol PO3129S


Oval Shaped Face: There are so many benefits to having an oval shaped face, which includes looking good in almost every style!  A great option would be looking into a rectangular shaped frame to help balance out the vertical lines.

Shopping Options:  If you’re looking for some recommendations, take a look at the Prada PS 32PS or even the Ray-Ban RB4075


Round Shaped Face: Round shape faces are known to be soft and contoured. There are so many options to show off your beautiful features such as frames with more geometric shapes, wayfarer styles or possibly rectangular frames to help give you a longer, thinner look.

Shopping Options: I would take a look at Tory Burch TY7112, the Dolce&Gabbana DG4138 or even the Persol PO2747S.


Heart Shaped Face: Nothing is better than having a heart shaped face.  This typically means you have a narrow chin and a broader brow.  The best options for individuals with a heart shaped face would be a lighter colored frame with thin temples.

Shopping Options: If you’re shopping for someone with a heart shaped face, take a look at the Vogue VO5136S or possibly the Versace VE2168.


Hopefully these little tips and suggestions will help bring a stress free holiday season so you can spend more time worrying on who’s cooking what and who’s sleeping where!


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