26 Sep

Lucky Baby Blues

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It’s often thought that blue eyes are the most attractive. People with blue eyes often receive compliments on how beautiful their eyes are. I’ve heard more than once from people with brown eyes… I wish I had your eye color!  But are us, blue eyed, people the lucky ones? Not when it comes to eye health.

So first off, blue eyes are not a gift, it is purely a genetic mutation! All human beings are African descents, originally all humans had brown eyes. According to researchers at the University of Copenhagen, one individual 6,000 to 10,000 years ago from Europe suffered this genetic mutation and ended up with blue eyes. This mutation basically made us where our eyes don’t hold melanin. Melanin is a pigment held in the iris of the eye. A lot of this pigment, melanin, makes eyes brown. For those of us who are mutants and have iris that won’t hold melanin are eyes look blue.

Melanin is said to help protect the eye from harsh UV radiation, so technically individuals with beautiful brown eyes are more protected than those of us with blue. Blue eyed individuals have nothing in the iris to naturally protect our eyes, which is why we are more sensitive to sunlight.

But fear not fellow blue eyed friends… there are things we can do to help protect our mutant eyes! First things first, we always need to wear glasses/ sunglasses that offer 100% UVA, UVB & UVC protection. This is like adding the melanin back on our eyes. Transition brand lenses are great for this. Also wearing an anti-reflective coating on these lenses is helpful. AR coatings helps relieve annoying glare, offers UV protection and also lets people see the real, beautiful you, instead of a reflection of themselves. And lastly, if you work in front of a computer or some electronics all day it’s SUPER important to wear protective lenses to shield your eyes from high-energy blue light, which is damaging.

So yes, blue eyes are pretty, but also less functional!


Heather is an Eye-wear Expert, Customer Care Specialist and Optician at OpticsPlanet, Inc. With a back ground in the fashion industry and a license in Cosmetology, Heather adds her fun and funky flair to picking out perfect eye-wear.

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