Monthly Archives: August 2017

28 Aug

Winter is right around the corner and our ski enthusiasts will be hitting the slope. It is important to choose the right ski goggles and I will be discussing Bolle lens options and their intended purpose.  When you are choosing the right lens tint for your Bolle ski goggles take into account the weather, terrain, and activity. All of these factors influence how effective your ski goggles will be. I will only discuss a few of the most popular lens options.  I will begin with the clear lens, this is for very low light, fog or night time skiing.  The next lens is the vermilion gun, this is a pink lens with a silver mirror coating.  It brings out contrast and maximizes color definition.  This lens is recommended for cloudy and sunny conditions.  The next lens is the green emerald, this is an amber lens with a green mirror coating.  It will help with overcast and sunny conditions and help to reduce glares.  The modulator light control is built with NXT technology for superior optical clarity.  This is a grayish-pink photo chromatic lens with a blue mirror coating.  The lens helps to reduce glare while maintaining reflections that enable …
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