08 Jun

The Eye of the Tiger aka Dog

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Happy Almost Friday Eyewear World!


I am doing a little twist on the topic for this blog.  Most of you may not know, but I’m an avid dog lover and try to give my two shepherds the most adventurous life possible.  Of course, us humans make sure our eyes are protected against the harsh UV rays, but why not protect our animals?


Most people don’t realize that their dog’s eyes are as sensitive, if not more sensitive as ours, and a lot of canines will be diagnosed with some sort of eye ailment within the first decade of their lives.  I own German Shepherds who are prone to Chronic Superficial Keratitis so I like to ensure they’re protected from the direct UV rays, bright light and direct heat of the sun when we’re out and about.


There is a company called Rex Specs that are specifically designed for the protection of our canine’s eyes.  They are created to protect our sacred animals from many harsh elements such as the sun of course, debris, dirt, grass or liquids. Rex Specs recommends using their eyewear for dogs already diagnosed with Chronic Superficial Keratitis or animals at risk to try and eliminate the threat.


Rex Specs initially designed this eyewear line for the working dog, such as police K9 units running into unknown territory to apprehend a criminal to military dogs jumping out of a plane with their handler.  These can also be used for your everyday adventure from hiking through a location with a lot of loose brush to hiking up a mountain with bright reflections off the snow.


Let’s take care of our animals babies just like we’d take care of our flesh and blood babies!


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