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27 Apr

With summer coming, comes outdoor activities. I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about what lens color is good for what and while some brands have specific lens colors for very specific things such as the Bolle Competivision lens for Tennis, I decided to make a rough list of populate activities and the best lens colors for those.

Overall we should always keep in mind that grey and green and grey lenses are very similar in properties. Both are neutral colors so when wearing them everything in sight looks as it normally would just darker. Brown is a contrasting color so the wearing will notice a high contrast in color, like the sky looking bluer, grass looking greener and so on. All lens colors in the brown family will be contrasting lenses such as amber, copper, orange and yellow. Another thing to keep in mind is that a polarized lens will always been darker than a non-polarized lens. So if you are in a place with extreme sunlight you may want to consider a polarized lens and on the contrary if you live in a place mostly overcast, you may not want a polarized lens.

We are not focusing …
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