05 Oct

Easy Halloween Costumes for Girls with Glasses!

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It’s getting close to my all-time favorite holiday… Halloween!!! I love making Halloween costumes and am currently in the works of making a Pikachu costume for my son, a Pichu costume for my daughter, and two troll costumes for my co-worker and myself! So, for you all, I was thinking of creating a quick costume guide for Girls that wear glasses…And here we go!


  • Minion. Yellow long sleeve shirt and overalls. Yellow beanie cap. Black frame
  • Marcy from the Peanuts. Black bob wig. Red T-shirt with blue jeans. White Keds tennis shoes. Circle style frames.
  • Hipster. Wife beater tank top paired with a flannel. Skinny jeans. Chuck Taylor shoes. Beanie cap. Thick black wayfarer style frames and carry a reusable tote and a bicycle tire.
  • Liberian. Low heels with a grey or brown A-line skirt. Oversized cardigan. Cat eye frames. Carry a few books around.
  • Garth from Wayne’s World. Ratty 80’s blonde wig. Tattered jeans. Old band T-shirt with a flannel. Thick black wayfarer style frames.
  • Waldo. Red and white stripped long sleeve shirt with skinny blue jeans. Brown boots. Red and white stripped beanie. Thick black circle style frame. Carry binoculars.
  • Meg Griffin from the Family Guy. Layer a pink T-shirt on top of a white T-shirt and let the ends hang out. Pair that with blue jeans and white sneakers. Matching pink beanie cap. Oversized circle wire frames.
  • Simon from the Chipmunks. Very oversized blue hoodie paired with brown leggings. Chipmunk make-up. Oversized circle wire frames.
  • Velma from Scooby Doo. Oversized orange sweater paired with a maroon pleated skirt. Orange knee-high socks and black baby doll flats. Thick black wayfarer style or circle frames. Carry a big magnifying glass.
  • Jess from the New Girl. Long dark wing with bangs. Cute little old lady dress from the thrift store. Baby doll flats. Thick black wayfarer style frames. Make a big name tag out of cardboard that says Jess like the opening of the show!

marcy meg velma waldo

I hope you found these helpful and enjoy playing dress up as much as I do! And keep in mind that my versions are pretty PG-13 but with a little variation you could easily make them more adult party suitable :)


Heather is an Eye-wear Expert, Customer Care Specialist and Optician at OpticsPlanet, Inc. With a back ground in the fashion industry and a license in Cosmetology, Heather adds her fun and funky flair to picking out perfect eye-wear.

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