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26 Oct

Adding accessories to your Halloween costume can do nothing but make it much more awesome!  Now, the best way to do this to add some eyewear to compliment your attire.  Now, there are always popular trends each year, so I’m going to try and offer some recommendations to spice them up properly.

#1 PokemonGo Trainer – Not to be judgmental, but we all know if you’re dressing up as a PokemonGo Trainer, you have a little nerd in your system.  I say no judgement, because I’m a total nerd.  I would definitely recommend some chunky nylon frames to set the proper trend to your nerdiness.  Some great options would be the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer RB2140 or possible go a little more hipster with some Persol PO3019S Sunglasses.


#2 SnapChat Filters – of course, why would this not be the #1 most popular costume, but majority of the filters add some aspect of eyewear to your face.  Let’s start with the Police Officer, a classic Ray-Ban RB3025 would work perfectly, Ray-Ban offers some great mirror coating options to fit the stereotypical police officer.  We also have the summer oriented filter which made you look like a cartoon character, which is also …
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05 Oct

It’s getting close to my all-time favorite holiday… Halloween!!! I love making Halloween costumes and am currently in the works of making a Pikachu costume for my son, a Pichu costume for my daughter, and two troll costumes for my co-worker and myself! So, for you all, I was thinking of creating a quick costume guide for Girls that wear glasses…And here we go!


  • Minion. Yellow long sleeve shirt and overalls. Yellow beanie cap. Black frame
  • Marcy from the Peanuts. Black bob wig. Red T-shirt with blue jeans. White Keds tennis shoes. Circle style frames.
  • Hipster. Wife beater tank top paired with a flannel. Skinny jeans. Chuck Taylor shoes. Beanie cap. Thick black wayfarer style frames and carry a reusable tote and a bicycle tire.
  • Liberian. Low heels with a grey or brown A-line skirt. Oversized cardigan. Cat eye frames. Carry a few books around.
  • Garth from Wayne’s World. Ratty 80’s blonde wig. Tattered jeans. Old band T-shirt with a flannel. Thick black wayfarer style frames.
  • Waldo. Red and white stripped long sleeve shirt with skinny blue jeans. Brown boots. Red and white stripped beanie. Thick black circle style frame. Carry binoculars.