22 Aug

4 Tips to Selecting Children’s Eyewear

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Of course, you want you child to be the “cool kid” but still have the ability to see the lectures in school.  Having to purchase prescription eyewear for your child seems dreadful, but I’m here to provide some helpful tips when it comes to choosing the right eyewear for your child.

Tip #1: Choosing the right lens material.

If your kid has a more mild prescription, I would recommend choosing either a Polycarbonate or Trivex lens material.  With a mild prescription, the lenses will be nice and light along with shatter resistant.  This will prevent harm to the eyes if any accidents were to happen and the lenses were to be directly impacted.  Now that your spawn can properly see, they can rock some awesome eyeglasses to show off their unique style.

Now, if your child suffers with a stronger prescription, I would highly consider spending the extra money and splurging on a high index lens material.  This will allow for a lighter, thinner and more comfortable lens which is still considered shatter resistant.  Therefore you can prevent the future embarrassment of being called four-eyes or being told they are wearing coke bottles.  To be completely honest, I’m not sure if kids these days even know those phrases exist.

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Tip #2: Choosing the proper fit.

I mean, you would think this is an obvious tip, but some parents aren’t familiar with how to properly fit a frame to their child’s face.  There is even a possibility that the parents don’t even need prescription eyewear, so they don’t have even the slightest idea on how to properly fit a frame to the face.  I would start off by consulting with a local optician, they of course will have the most experience, but can also direct you in the proper direction when it comes to brands who offer great warranties.

When you have a nose bridge that is to small, it will prevent the glasses from sitting close enough to  your little ones eyes.  Then you have the opposite when the nose bridge is to wide.  This will cause the frames to slide down the nose causing the center of vision to shift away from the pupils.  You’ll know when you have the perfect fit when there is a tiny but of space between the cheek and lower rim of the frame.

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Tip #3: Do you want to go plastic, or metal?

In this current day and age, thick plastic rimmed frames are the new fad.  Not only are they the popular choice, but they will also be the safest choice.  Just in case your child takes a volleyball to the face in gym glass, they are less likely to encounter any serious injuries

Tip #4: Opting for any additional coatings.

Transitional Lenses, Anti-Reflective Coating, mirror coating…. You have so many options!

Personally, I would ALWAYS recommend an Anti-Reflective Coating.  Not only will this reduce the amount of reflections bouncing off the rear of the lens and into your child’s eyes, it will also provide the sharpest image and reduce eye fatigue when wearing the glasses for long periods of time.

Transitional Lenses and Mirror Coating are two awesome additional if you’re looking for either a multi-functional pair of eyeglasses or gifting your child with some super hip prescription sunglasses.  A transitional lens makes life a lot easier when you don’t

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Well, I sure hope this blog helped ease a little of the pain when it comes to splurging the extra money for a pair of glasses your children will either grow out of quickly or break when failing the bike jump in your front yard.


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