11 Aug

I NEED something cool!

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Just to piggy back off last week’s blog post “Importance of Children’s Sunglasses” written by our wonderful staff member Jay, today let’s talk about Children’s and Teen sunglasses. We learned last week the importance of protecting those tiny eyes, but kids are kids and they all have their very own certain needs. Learn about the brands and technologies that will help keep your kids eyes safe.

School is back in session and that means sports! Bolle, Julbo, and Wiley X all make super cute, comfortable, safety sports glasses in both eye glasses and in sunglasses, prescription and non-prescription. Bolle just released a new line of protective glasses called Bolle Sport Protective. This line includes five different models of full coverage safety glasses for youths. The new Bolle line of protective frames offer New polycarbonate grade frames. All Sport Protective frames are constructed with a recently developed grade of polycarbonate, delivering flexibility for comfort combined with a very high level of impact resistance. Additional benefits include: greater adjustability and an unrivalled ergonomic fit and Easy and mechanical glazing process. Each frame is glazed with 2mm minimum thickness polycarbonate protective lenses, Bolle Sport Protective products are equipped with a prescription gasket securely fixed into the frame. All the frames and lenses are ANSI Z87.1-2010 rated. ANSI Z87.1-2010 standard guarantees optical precision, impact resistance on frames equipped with prescription and standard glasses (made of 2mm thick polycarbonate), anti-fog and anti-scratch coating, UVA and UVB filtering, frame resistance and side protection.

bolle kids1 bolle kids2

Wiley X also just revealed a youth line which they call Youth Force. Youth Force youth frames meet a rigorous ASTM F803 standard. They too are available in prescription and well as non-prescription and are available in a variety of bright, youthful colors. There are four models available in this Wiley X line and each will come with a removable strap for high impact sports, a bright green microfiber bag for storing and proper cleaning and a rugged hard case to ensure a long life of the glasses. All four of the Wiley X Youth Force models have a super cool option to take the temple arms completely off and replace them with a strap making the glasses into goggles. The process of switching them back and forth is super easy. The Youth Fore line offers soft rubber nose bridges for comfort and the styling makes them a great option for on or off the court.

wiley x kidswiley x kids1

Lastly with many more options for younger ages is the Julbo line. The Julbo kid’s line offers many styles from basically birth to 12 years of age.  One thing that I thought was fantastic regarding the Julbo Baby line is that many of the models are 180 degrees reversible which means they cannot put them on upside down. Genius! The Julbo kids like offers styles that are very wrapped for a more secure fit, slimmer for comfort-ability, hinge free to avoid injuries from pinches, super soft touch materials, and unpainted material for those of you that have lil spawns like me that eat EVERYTHING. Rest assure they will be comfortable and safe regardless where they are putting their glasses. The Julbo kid’s line is available in RX and Non with beautiful color combinations that any kid would love.

julbo kids1 julbo kids2

There you have it! Three fabulous, affordable lines of eye wear for babies, children, and t’weens. If you have any questions regarding certain lens colors or likewise specifically for a certain sport, or any other questions you can always reach out to us. We love to help! Parents: TGSS! (Thank Goodness Schools Starting)!


Heather is an Eye-wear Expert, Customer Care Specialist and Optician at OpticsPlanet, Inc. With a back ground in the fashion industry and a license in Cosmetology, Heather adds her fun and funky flair to picking out perfect eye-wear.

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