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25 Mar

Bright Sun

Everyone is looking to kill two birds with one stone in almost every aspect of their life, so why not try and multitask when it comes to your eyewear?  Transitional lenses have a stereotype attached to them as “old people lenses” but the brand Transitions have been making some modern steps that can suit the style of even the hippest of young adults.

Starting off with Transitions Signature Series Lenses.  These bad boys are your basic indoor/outdoor lens that will satisfy the needs of the young adult who is always on the move.  Let’s use a kindergarten teacher as an example, these brave souls are constantly chasing around little people and understandably so, do not have the time to swap from eyeglasses to sunglasses when coming in and out from playtime.  Therefore, having the ability to wear a Transitions Signature Lens, could help alleviate the stress of being blinded by not having the time to switch to the appropriate eyewear or the possibility of a runaway child when you have to turn your back to grab your sunglasses.  These lenses will sadly not transition behind the windshield of your car due to the UV Coating on the windows, so …
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16 Mar

I was interested in purchasing a pair of yellow polarized lenses to help with my driving at night based on a few blogs.  This article is not a review on a specific style of frame, but my experience on using a polarized yellow lens.  The thought is, the yellow or amber color reduces glare and improves contrast.  I wore the polarized yellow lens for two evening to help diminish glare and improve contrast.  When I first put them on I thought, I was experiencing a clear crisper image.  I drove for half an hour for two nights and I can honestly say the lenses did not benefit me at all. I drove in a highly populate area with lots of traffic and city lights, to make sure I was experiencing the most light.  Also, since I have a digital dashboard, the polarized filter made it difficult to read my digital readout.  What I discovered, when driving at night or dusk in already limited lighting conditions, any tint further reduces the amount of light transmitted to my eye, and consequently, further impaired my vision.

I know there is a lot of people that would make solemn statements to the benefits of …
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