Monthly Archives: November 2015

19 Nov


As all you fashionistas are aware, prescription glasses are so in right now! Super nerdy, thick, chunky frames were an embarrassing appendage that may have made you want to fake sick as a child, but now… Now the nerdier the better! But with all this frame on your face it is important you do your make-up appropriately as to not take away from your hipster style. Here are a few pointers I threw together for you four eyed beauties.

Let’s start with the face: I always recommend keeping the focus on EITHER the eyes or the lips. With that being said for your face make-up you always want a fresh, clean look. Keep in mind that the prescription lenses in your frames can high light under eye darkness or discoloration. For this problem just start with a yellow base concealer. Even out your beautiful skin with your favorite foundation and always top that off with a translucent power to set everything. Ladies, don’t walk around looking like you are from the 80’s! Use a foundation that matches your skin tone and for goodness sakes make sure you blend the foundation around your hairline and under your chin. There is nothing …
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