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28 Oct


Let me start off by saying I have some firsthand experience with my metal state taking a toll on my productivity at work.  I’ve come to realize that the combination of fluorescent lighting glaring down at my eyes paired with staring at a computer screen for about 8 hours a day takes a toll on the comfort of my brain.  Thankfully, even though it’s taken me a couple years, I have found a solution to the daily headaches which has helped my productivity sky rocket.

Originally I assumed my daily 12:00 headaches were due to a lack of caffeine, so I found myself pounding down red bulls or coffee just hoping it would relieve the pain radiating from my brain and out my eyeballs.  When the excessive amounts of caffeine did not suppress the pain and only get my caffeine high rolling, I decided to expand my horizons and came to the conclusion that possibly the fluorescent lighting was taking a toll on my eyes.

Now due to the fact that my original, incorrect, thought of “caffeine” being the culprit of my ongoing headaches, I did not want to immediately splurge on some designer eyeglasses. I decided to
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21 Oct

Your eyesight is very important and when you are either working or playing you want to make sure you protect these valuable assets.  90% of all eye injuries could be prevented, if the proper eye-wear was being used.  When selecting protective eye-wear, you want to make sure the lens material is poly-carbonate, which is an advance plastic material and one of its great quality is, impact resistance.  Poly-carbonate lenses are 100% UV protection and anti-scratch coating by default.  All Wiley X, Revision, ESS, Bolle Sunglasses, and other safety lenses come with this lens.  Safety glasses must conform to a higher standard of impact resistance than regular eyeglasses and they will have an ANSI rating of Z87 stamped in the front of the frame or on one of the temple.  If you do not require prescription glass or contact lenses, you can purchase non-prescription safety eye-wear through an eye-wear retailer like These safety glasses are made of a lightweight material, usually poly-carbonate and available in wrap style frames.

If you need prescription Safety glasses the same specifications would applied, choose a frame that is ANSI rated like Wiley X and poly-carbonate material. Some manufacturers allow prescription …
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