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23 Sep

You’re getting older. No big deal. Seventy is the new sixty. Sixty the new fifty and fifty the new forty! We are in the age of amazing skin care, healthier lifestyles and now your glasses can even hide your age! I hear multiple times a day from customers “well, I’m getting older”, getting older people associate with bad eye sight. But just because your eye sight is going downhill doesn’t mean people need to know about it.

Scenario One: You are simply having a hard time reading.

You could just scoot on down to your local drug store and pick up a pair of pre-manufactured “Readers”. This are usually small reading glasses with a magnification of between +1.00 and +4.00. This magnification would be completely throughout the lens. The problem with drug store “readers” if they often are not available in fashionable styles. You could classify them as function and not fashion. But instead of doing that, now there are many fashionable options of “readers” from online shops you can buy from. Fosters Grant is a fairly new company that specializes in fashion readers. Their reading glasses are also available in sunglass form and for men, women and …
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11 Sep


School is back in session. You’ve bought supplies, new school clothes, and made lunches. But, did you do everything you could to ensure your little one does great this school year? My daughter, Jaya started second grade this year. She is a very bright little girl who loves to learn and she had always done very well at school. Last year I noticed her struggling a little bit. We practiced over homework more heavily. I printed off extra work sheets and she did them in her spare time. Still she suffered. It turns out that Jaya was starting to have a little trouble with her vision. Being able to see the black board or reading material properly is essential to your little ones education, eighty percent of what children learn in school is taught visually.

Although eye exams should be done at six months, again at three years and then annually, here are some early warning signs of bad vision that parents should keep an eye out for.

1)      Children sitting very close to the television or holding their books closer to their face.

2)      Closing one eye when watching or reading something.

3)      Excessively rubbing their eyes, sensitivity …
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