Monthly Archives: July 2015

24 Jul

Hello everyone!  Are you someone who enjoys long hours in front of the screen playing video games?  If the answer is yes!  I would like to introduce you a protective eyewear for all the gamers out there.  Gunnar Opticks have created the gamers dream, our eyes are a valuable asset and we want to make sure they are protected at all time.  Gunnar Opticks has introduced the Vayper Full Rim video glasses.  It helps reduce eye fatigue for those with 20/20 vision. Eyestrain can cause visual stress, and dry eyes this can be caused by extended periods of digital screen viewing. Gunnar’s digital eyewear filters out the harsh, high-energy part of the spectrum and creates a more relaxed viewing experience to help your eyes focus more naturally. The amber lens tint, anti-glare coatings, and ultra-pure lens material help provide sharper, clearer vision. Gunnar’s i-AMP lens technology is specifically engineered to reduce digital eyestrain, enhance viewing detail and protect the eyes of the serious gamer in order to stay focused and play longer. Made of high tensile steel with an onyx frame finish, the Vayper optics has a full rim frame and fastener free hinge design for incredible durability, unique …
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