Monthly Archives: February 2015

25 Feb

If you are wondering what sunglasses Bradley Cooper was wearing in one of the latest movies you need to wait no more.  He’s wearing the Wiley X Saint.  Wiley X is an industry standard in the U.S. military and they meet stringent ANSI Z87.1 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety Standards, providing occupational grade protection for all wearers and a wide range of activities.  They are one of the only premium sunglasses brand with this level of vision protection in every pair of glasses it make.  Almost all Wiley X eyewear styles are Rx-ready, making these glasses an ideal, no-comprise solution for people who requires prescriptions for almost any activities.  The Wiley X Saints featured in the movie have the Wiley X logo in white, which was specially made for the movie, for us non-stars, it’s a silver Wiley X logo.

The Wiley X Saint is a stylish, yet highly functional changeable series model available in a black frame with clear, grey, and light rust lenses.  It is ideal for those with small to medium head sizes, providing a secure, yet comfortable fit and excellent peripheral vision.  It’s rugged durable eyewear and I use them to look cool
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