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30 Oct

Alright so maybe you don’t want to look like a Rapper, but maybe you have wanted to look like a Surfer, a cast member from Jersey Shore, or a night club DJ. There are thousands of styles of frames on the market right now. A certain style of frame paired with the perfect outfit and you’ll have no trouble duplicating any of those styles. Let’s break it down a little bit and find the perfect shape frame to create the appearance you desire for the day.

Do you want to look like a Naturalist or Tree Hugger perhaps? I’ve got two really cool brands for you: Wood U? and Earth Wood. For those of you that follow our blog Larum recently talked about the Earth Wood brand so I’m sure you already know all the beautiful details, if not go back and read it! Both of these environment friendly brands use real wood to make their frames. You can get them with lots of different lens colors and wood shades. Any of these frames paired with a fitted white tee shirt, some worn out Levi’s, Chuck Taylors and a pony tail would be a complete Tree Hugger look. Check …
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16 Oct

I got them. Yes, I finally got them. The Earth Wood Sunglasses came in and I love them. I am the proud owner of the fashionable Earth Wood Siesta 067e ESG067E. I want to go out on a limb and tell you how cool I think the new addition to my eyewear family is. To celebrate my new sunglasses I will try to use a copious amount of tree and wood idioms.

The Siesta is truly the most unique pair of sunglasses I have owned. Inside there is a phrase engraved “Face the sun and shadows will follow”. Very profound! I can’t believe how lightweight they are. It feels as though I have a titanium frame sitting on my face. The frame is a rich Espresso colored Bamboo wood and they smell incredible. Yeah, I smelled them only because the feel and look is so incredible that for but a second I doubted if they were real. With that notion I was barking up the wrong tree. When you look closely you see the grains and texture of the wood and the details that clearly testify to a handcrafted pair of wooden sunglasses made from a single piece …
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09 Oct

Let’s play a game of Eye-Spy. “I spy with my little eye, something that is Terra di Siena”. Today while working I found a stunning pair of sunglasses. I was distracted for but a second but I felt my heart rate quicken. I was checking my stock for a customer when I came across the Persol PO3087S Sunglasses. In stock we have the PO3087S-96-S3-58. There are four distinct features that caused me to go back to them after I had completed assisting my customer. First, the frame color name: Terra Di Siena Frame. This color is described as an earth pigment containing iron oxide and manganese oxide. In its natural state, it is yellow-brown and is called raw sienna. When heated, it becomes a reddish brown and is called burnt sienna. It takes its name from the city-state of Siena, Italy. It was one of the first pigments to be used by humans and is found in many cave paintings. Now that’s cool! Second, I immediately noticed the trademark silver arrow often referred to as the “Supreme Arrow”. The gracefulness of the iconic and glamorous brand of Persol. Therefore I knew it combined the highest quality materials and …
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