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11 Jul

If any of you are like me, you probably have tons of old cheap sunglasses stashed here and there. I found about twelve pair in my glove compartment. Score! A lot of them I haven’t even seen or wore in over a year, and do you know why? Because they are old and boring, and I have moved on. I took all those glasses and made them into something fresh and awesome. Here is how you can do it too:

Tools you’ll need:

– A clean work space

-A small piece of packing tape

-Some old sunglasses

-A tiny screwdriver (you can get this a local drug store in an eyeglass repair kit)


Step One: Dig around and find all your old sunglasses that you no longer wear. (If you don’t have any, go to your local thrift store and pick up a few pairs to play with.) Lay these glasses on your clean work space and have your tape ready. The tape will be useful to you but helping you not lose all the tiny screws. These are some of the lovely gems I found.



Step Two:  Take a look at the hinges between …
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07 Jul

I get to see Audrey Hepburn every day. Well not the actual Academy Award-winning actress and humanitarian but a version of her. The iconic star has been deceased since 1993 but she works with me, she’s the stranger that rides the train with me every day and she is my dearest friends. I am referring to the real Audrey’s iconic beauty and style. Her influence and timelessness is still present.

In retrospect growing up I would visit my Granny and sit with her watching the Nostalgia Channel. I fell deeply in love with the silver screen and all the studio made starlets of that time plucked eyebrows and all. This is where I first say Andrey’s movies like Sabrina, My Fair Lady and of course Breakfast at Tiffany’s. My Granny and legends like Miss Hepburn demonstrated class, poise, grace and a fair dose of moxie.  With a colorful filmography including comedy and drama she left a legacy, becoming that rare movie star who men wanted to be with and women wanted to be. Audrey Hepburn assumed the role of her life as an ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), becoming the face of its fundraising efforts and …
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