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13 May

Do you know a puppy super hero? There are bomb dogs. Dogs overseas serving our country.  There are drug sniffing dogs. Our dogs make us laugh and feel better. Let’s face it they are members of our families! Because of this we buy them sweaters and tiny boots to protect them from the elements. But, does your Pooch have eye protection?

I was surprised to learn of a company out there called Doggles that specifically makes eye wear for animals. Mostly dogs but there were a few people putting them on Cats, although I don’t understand why a cat would need sunglasses, but to each is own. They are actually goggles for dogs, hence foreign objects, wind, and UV light. Doggles:  goggles for dogs are the first and only eye protection designed and created just for dogs!  They have been featured on such shows as CNN, Regis and Kelly, The Today Show, Good Morning America and many others. Doggles supplies many military and community service dogs since there lenses are made of polycarbonate material that is nearly shatterproof. Oddly enough the Doggles gogles look very much like the Bobster Piston goggles.

Dogs have a much wider nose bridge than humans, …
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06 May

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05 May

Hello Readers, I realize it’s been way too long. Have you missed me? The Eyewear Group of OpticsPlanet has been busy preparing for our busiest season of the year. Spring is in the air and summer is quickly approaching. At my last eye exam my doctor told me that I need to give contact lenses a break. Taking her advice I have been dutifully wearing my new Versace VE3154 Eyeglass Frames. However on those few bright spring afternoons we have had so far in the Chicagoland area I found that I was now in serious need for prescription sunglasses. It hasn’t been that sunny but for those of you how are used to wearing sunglasses most of the year realize that you become pretty dependent on the protection. At home I have a drawer full of sunglasses (in their cases of course) that I would sport while wearing my contacts last year but again it’s time for change. I feel like I did this not too long ago while trying to choose my geek chic look. Well as Whitesnake sings “Here I go again”.

I have a few of my favorite brands in mind but I am cognizant that …
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