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13 Mar

Working as an Optician I hear time and time again, Heather I’m so upset, I lost my prescription glasses! It is very common for people to call me up and request for me to replace an order they placed not too long ago. This always make me feel very bad. We all know that prescription sun or eye glasses are NOT inexpensive. Because this makes me feel so bad, and I’m not going to lie: I to have lost my glasses before: I did a little research to give you some tips on how to not lose your glasses.


1.)    Have a home for your glasses. Where ever you take them, have a home. When they’re in the car have one set location where you always place them. If you wear your then into your house have a designated shelf or bowl where you store them each time. This will automatically cut out those times where you can’t remember where you threw them last and you have to tear the house apart only to remember that you left them in the car!


2.)    Use the case!!! I’m pretty sure every single pair of prescription frames I ever …
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05 Mar

Admit it, there has been times in your life when you have pretended your ordinary lipstick shot lasers like Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers, or played with pretend gadgets in the car like James Bond.  Recently I have come across two pretty sweet Spy gadgets that are tons of fun to play with.


You may have heard there is a lot of buzz floating around about the new Google Glass tech toy. This piece of equipment does so much. Basically it is a very tiny computer attached to what looks like an eyeglass frame with a little clear window pane of glass above the right eye. The tiny computer projects a translucent image onto the clear window, so while you can see images such as the time, you can see still through the pane of glass in front of you. “What does it do” you ask? Well, the Google Glass does a ton of things. It will tell you the time. Give you directions. It can take photos and movies of things in front of you. You can even share what you are seeing LIVE to your friends. The Google Glass will answer questions for you and …
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