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26 Dec

As a result of my profession I witness people using inappropriate methods of cleaning their lenses. They incessantly use clothing, paper towels and tissues to clean their ophthalmic or sunglass lenses. Sometimes while speaking with me right at my desk.  I will be honest: This is like nails on a chalk board to me. I get numerous calls daily from customers asking me for pricing of new lenses because their lenses are so scratched. They inquire about preventing scratches advice on sustaining the quality of their lenses. Many wonder which is the best cleaning product to use that won’t damage their coatings. Well this is easier than you think. Use fresh water and the cleaning cloth provided with the eyewear. They should be included but If not you can always purchase one from us. And when the cloth no longer cleans the lenses up to your standards put them in the pockets of pants or jeans and throw them in the wash. However please avoid using fabric softener that day. If you feel that you must use a detergent to clean your lenses you may rely on none other than a very mild hand soap.

Occasionally I will try on …
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09 Dec

I acquired my inspiration for this Blog from my ride into work today. Last night Chicago had its first significant snowfall of the season. And we’re not finished; the forecast predicts the coldest air of the season will arrive in Chicago this week following a chilly weekend. Last night’s snow has whitened the city and surrounding burbs averaging around 3 inches. On my traverse to work I appreciated the clear roads but the glare from the melted snow was strong almost dangerous. This is even the perfect weather for blue or brown polarized lenses.

Glare happens when light bounces off of reflective surfaces such as water, glass, snow, cars or roads. This is the perfect weather for polarized sunglasses. Polarization improves your ability to see without straining your eyes! The benefits of wearing polarized sunglasses include enhancing your vision and increasing visible details all while blocking dangerous glare. I truly believe in the technology behind polarization.

Wear sunglasses even in winter. Snow reflects more UV rays than most other surfaces. Take care of your eyes when you ski, snowboard, snow-shoe, snowmobile, shovel or any other outdoor winter activity. Getting hit in the eye with a snowflake doesn’t hurt but it …
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03 Dec

Recently I caught wind of a story about a little 4 year old boy out there that was sad about wearing glasses. Little Noah was in tears when his mother reminded him to wear his new glasses. His mother then turned to Facebook to find encouragement and support for her dear son. It was there that thousands of people all over the world shared pictures of themselves and their loved ones including pets with eyeglasses. It was truly heartwarming. I was in 6th grade when my teacher called my mom and told her that I was having trouble seeing the chalkboard. It was then after that call I had to start wearing eyeglasses. Trust me Noah, I wasn’t too happy about glasses but I have become older and somewhat wiser and today I am Editor-n-Chief of EyewearTalk where I spend most of my year blogging about the magic and coolness of eyewear. It may be hard for a small child to realize this since style is not a priority at such a young age. But I can’t help but notice Noah’s little black and trasparent Ray-Ban Jr. RY1530 Eyeglass Frames. His parents were right on track with …
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