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19 Nov

I have always said that I learned that it’s just as acceptable for men to have fun getting dressed and accessorizing as women from Pop Culture movies such as American Gigolo and Saturday Night Fever. When I say having fun I mean the enjoyment of adornment. I myself relish my toilet time especially with music playing. Of course I mean the act or process of grooming or dressing one’s person. 

Imagine jamming to your favorite tunes just like Richard Gere or John Travolta matching a tie to your dress shirt or choosing which lapis ring or necklace to wear like Larum. No matter if you’re matching the perfect sunglasses with your outerwear or favorite hoodie or you geek chic eyeglasses with your vest men can have fun and express themselves completely. I am not encouraging all men to become fops or dandies, just take a second to express yourselves. Keep your beard scruff, messy hair, continue to drink your …
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13 Nov

I’m sure you are all aware of the ever growing trend of body modification. This includes such things as tattoos, colored hair, and piercings, which by the way, I am ALL for. But did you know that body modification goes WAY beyond that? People are now even modifying their eyeballs. Yes, I said their eyeballs.


The least abrasive method I was able to find was a contact lens with jewelry attached. Dutch designer Eric Klarenbeek, 29, has developed jewelry consisting of tiny crystals or flowers that hang directly from the eye by a micro-thin medical wire attached to either prescription or blank contact lenses. In the light, this gives the appearance of tears streaming down the cheek. This fancy body modification is expected to make its debut for consumers soon in London and is expected to sell for around $325.00 each. Even though this piece of jewelry appears to be painful or dangerous, Klarenbeek said users of his prototypes so far have been “amazed” at their comfort.



Another interesting non-abrasive method for transforming your eyeballs was created by Shekhar Eye Research, the ‘La SER’ brand lenses. This is a line of lenses for those …
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08 Nov

In this day and age our culture is all about getting a pill to fix whatever ailment we have. Headache pills, diet pills, happy pills, focus pills, and the list goes on and on. I myself, enjoy looking for alternative remedies, alternative medicine and I found something recently that I thought you might enjoy. Color Therapy!!!

I’m sure all of us who wear prescription lenses and maybe even sunglasses know there are a TON of different lens colors out there. Different colors for different activities, contrast levels, and light conditions. But, did you know that wearing certain lens colors for at least an hour a day can greatly improve your mood and/or health? I didn’t either!!! If you use a specific color for an acute condition, you could wear the color until the symptoms disappear. You can focus on one specific problem and color, or you can wear as many colors as you would like each day. Color therapy lenses can be worn whenever and wherever you wish, day or night.

Listen to your body. Experiment with all the colors, and learn how they affect you. Each color will most likely affect each person a bit differently.

Color Therapy …
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06 Nov

What a cold and gloomy day! Mother Nature also topped it off with a light drizzle. I am not ready for winter especially a Chicago winter. The last thing most people think of on days like these is sunglasses. Well, not this guy.

I recently helped a customer find light colored lenses for indoor shooting activities. He had his “sights” set on a pair of Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal Sunglasses RB3025 with Photochromic Yellow lenses RB3025-001-4F-5814. This particular model is hand set in the Arista (Gold) frame and has a bi-gradient mirror coating. That means the mirror coating is concentrated at the top and bottom of the lens. This in effect causes the lens to squint for the wearer. You find this done often by Maui Jim brand sunglasses. The photochromic lenses are a really nice upgrade. When you are exposed to UV radiation aka sunlight they darken depending on the amount of exposure. Remember readers that on cloudy days there is still a significant amount of UV rays. As it turns out he didn’t care too much for the mirror. He felt it made the lenses too dark for his indoor application. I didn’t lose the sale completely because …
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