Monthly Archives: August 2013

29 Aug

We are still in the midst of summer which means people are still strutting their neon and patterned colors. Meanwhile while folks are rockin’ that eighties looks I have been falling in L-O-V-E with Leopard and Floral prints. I realize that the two don’t really mesh together but that is what is so great about them. It’s kind of a Ying and Yang thing. While Leopard prints are large and in charge, bossy and bold, Floral prints are girly and playful. I think the combination would give any girl everything she needs to feel well rounded.

Now, I pinky promise I looked EVERYWHERE to find a combination frame: Leopard and Floral but had no luck. L I would just die to find one! So in the mean time I have handpicked a few frames of each print for you.

The first little beauty I found was the Dolce & Gabbana FLOWERS DG4180. Now, I have to say, upon first sight this pair of sunglasses is a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t take long for the beautiful, delicate flowers to draw you into a state of daydream. This model is just about a girly and playful as you could find, …
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15 Aug

My boy and I just returned from our camping trip with the Boy Scouts. My son is a Webelo meaning We‘ll Be Loyal Scouts. Webelos is a 20 month program for 4th and 5th grade boys to prepare to join a Boy Scout troop while learning outdoors skills and participating in 20 different activity badges. We stayed for 2 days at the Ingersoll Scout Reservation in a tent and had a blast. This was our second year of roughing it and I wrote about it regarding hiking eyewear once before. Using latrines and a minor back pain is all worth it when your children look at you with glowing pride because of they think our tent was cooler than everyone else’s.

During those two fun filled days I was very happy to see all the boys that wore sunglasses. I even saw a few eyeglasses with Transition prescription lenses. Well done parents for thinking about not only their eyes but the eyes of our children. But few is not enough. I encourage all parents to find suitable eyewear for children. Think about the damage that is caused when not wearing adequate eye protection from the sun. …
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05 Aug

Who took your call? Was it me, Heather or Callie? Every day my team gets a chance to talk to wonderful customers that ask great questions. We are proud to assist our patients with understanding their prescriptions, choosing the right frame for them and discussing the ever changing technology of prescription and non-prescription eyewear. No matter who takes your call you will get top-notch service.

People who sell clothing look at other people’s clothes, people that sell jewelry look at other people’s jewelry, well it’s true to people who sell eyewear, and we look at other people’s frames and lenses. This last week I saw a guy with clear eyeglass frames. I can’t help but noticing that clear frames are becoming popular. I noticed over the weekend that a guy on the street was wearing crystal clear sunglasses frames and it looked very stunning. It’s been a fashion forward look for a few years now. You’ll find many frame options with clear or slightly fading translucent tints. I find that people like that fact that the frame doesn’t come into their view, no obstructions. Some say it feels and looks like a frame isn’t being worn. I myself got …
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