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31 May

In 1917 Giuseppe Ratti began to make technically advanced glasses, designed to satisfy the demands of pilots and sports drivers who required comfort, protection and optimum vision. Persol brought the Protector glasses to the world and quickly became a brand favorite for flying, driving and motorcycling aficionados. I am telling you, they were goggles made by using round smoked lenses with rubber edges and attached to the head by means of elastic bands. Optical quality has always been their first priority, followed by tradition and originality. In the 1990’s they showed us their elegant side by bringing their trusted optics to the fashion world. Truth be told Persol and Hollywood have had a very long love affair. Just check out Steve McQueen in his pair. Who would have thought they would become the epitome of class and style that they are today? I love history and that is an exciting one!

What was uncommon is now common: Today I had the opportunity to add to my collection the astounding, the retro, the new Persol PO3043S Sunglasses with the blue glass, polarized and photochromic lenses. Very few brands can boast polarized and photochromic. Here’s how it works: Once the light …
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16 May

Sunglasses are a must for any outdoor activity and any time of year. Last summer I had a great 2 day camping trip with the Boy Scouts of America. My son and I had a chance to spend invaluable father and son time hiking through hilly wooded trails in between the planned activities held at the Ingersoll Scout Reservation. While there we pitched our own tents, participated in Ingersoll’s unique, educational Outpost programs, and joined in a variety of elective sessions, earning the boys activity pins such as Geologist, Map & Compass, Aquanaut, Outdoorsman, Cooking, Forester, Readyman, and more. Our main goal was to learn about the scouts and earn pins but we did get to see lots of nature and walk the expansive trails. This year we are going again and we are both so excited.

Hiking is about nature, and getting out and falling back in love the great outdoors. I brought with me a few of my favorite pairs of sunglasses so my son and I could try them experiment.

It was an amazing coincidence that I had a walk-in customer today looking for Glacier Sunglasses for his upcoming NOLS program excursion in Washington State.  The National …
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08 May

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I like to put on my blue headphones late at night and dance. It seems as though I still have a little energy to use up before I lay down and this also clears my head. I am not sure if this is legitimate but I have fun doing it. Most of the time my dance parties are in my vanity or bathroom mirrors lip syncing to my favorite artists. The other night I tried something new; I wore a pair of sunglasses while praticing my moves like Jagger. They were the Polo PH4061 Sunglasses 519580-5717: Matte Grey Frame with Blue Lenses. I realize it’s silly to wear sunglasses indoors or at night but I just couldn’t help myself.

What first drew me to this model is that they were described as having blue lenses. I just had to see them. I have seen some really bright blue lenses before and they tend to look silly. However I noticed that without significant back lighting people can’t really tell the lenses are blue until they put them on. They seemed a rather dark smoke at times. That’s perfect with me because in the end …
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