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22 Mar

It is no secret that I love the color Blue. Every day I adorn myself with my favorite stone Lapis Lazuli which is also known as Lapis or Lazulite. Lapis Lazuli occurs in various shades of blue with some samples being speckled with white calcite and some with golden pyrite. Ancient Egyptians were reminded of a starry sky at night and considered the stone sacred, even referring to it as the “hair of the gods”.  Because lapis is a rock of varying composition, its physical properties are variable. The finest Lapis Lazuli is an even dark blue color with little or no veining from other elements. This being my jewelry of choice I tend to wear a lot of Blue in my clothing. Keep reading my point is here somewhere.

Well I have died and gone to BLUE HEAVEN with the BRONZE Lens and BLUE SPECTRA mirror (said with my most dramatic Scarlett O’Hara accent). The model I have chosen to add to my discerning collection is the Spy Optic Discord Sunglasses. I get where Spy is going with the 1980’s inspired frame with the 1960’s inspired color collection. Allow me to introduce you to the psychedelic Fade …
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11 Mar

People who look through rose colored glasses are said to have an unduly cheerful, optimistic, or favorable view of things. What’s wrong with that? Nothing at all. In the classic book Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, the Cheshire Cat gives the White Rabbit a pair of rose-colored glasses and convinces him that they magically make everything beautiful. Well according to a new study, people who wear rose colored lenses do experience a calming soothing sensation. This wonder hue has been proven to calm headaches, improve tunnel vision and reduce computer eye strain. On a technical level rose lenses have been known to be great for winter snow activities and even night driving. Many OpticsPlanet customers like to utilize yellow or rose lenses for shooting sports as well. The addition of AR non-glare coating makes them ideal for any application.

Let’s take the Maui Rose lens which provides a subtle rose tint. It offers the highest contrast available for everyday variable conditions among all 4 lenses. Excellent for fast moving sports, and recommended for full sun to overcast skies, and low to medium light conditions. Every Maui Jim lens gets a range of coatings and layers, each of which serves …
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04 Mar

Hearing the names Dolce&Gabbana makes my heart race with anticipation of fantastic designs with attitude that inspire the super sexy celebrity in all of us. The terms user friendly couture and timeless elegance comes to mind as well. The luxury fashion house was started by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in 1958. They are known for wanting to make women look “fantastically sexy”. When asked they describe their style as “sweet and sharp” and “New Millennium cool”. They were once quoted as saying they are mostly concerned with creating the best, most flattering clothes and sparkling trends. The Dolce&Gabbana mainline is aimed at the luxury market; designs are formal, timeless and less seasonal. In this arena you will also find eyewear, watches and the popular Dolce & Gabbana purse and handbags. The alter ego line is called D&G which is more casual and urban inspired.

Names like Madonna, Sophia Loren, Naomi Campbell and now Liz (my boss) are synonymous with this famous brand. You find images all over the world with famous iconic women sporting and even inspiring this amazing brand. Wearers feel comfortable, attractive and special. This of course is also true for their eyewear.  Liz wears …
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