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23 Jan

If you need a fun, affordable pair of sun glasses, then we have a brand new line for you! Introducing Randees Kandees Sunglasses, designed by New York City artist Randee Bassen. This could possibly be my new favorite line. This line features a wide array of vivid plastic colors gracing eclectic, youthful designs. With statement-making shapes and bold treatments that include metal enhancements, contoured cuts and rhinestones, Randees Kandees styles are perfect for women seeking a fun pair of sunglasses.

Priced at just $79.00 the Randees Kandees 2 Sunglasses are certainly a must have for my summer look. This model offers two colors, Brown-Magenta and Black-Brown Leopard. The beautiful color combinations matched up with the femininely sized Wayfarer style frame make for a funky, comfortable fashion must have.

The best part is, ALL eight of these super yummy, candy colored, funky frames are available in prescription. So you can even put in a clear lens and  rock these fun frames all day long! I know I’m going to!…
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04 Jan

When I hear the word Baroque I think of the age where the oval replaced the circle as the center of composition. I am so very excited about a new collection from Dolce&Gabbana. It’s described as original and hyper-feminine and I would have to agree. Sicilian Baroque is the new Dolce&Gabbana eyewear line that draws inspiration from the traditional beauty of Sicilian Baroque. This was a featured theme of the Fall-Winter 2013 Runway Show. The romantic decorations recall frescoes, furniture, lace and mirror frames, evolving in an infinite play of volumes and opulent details. The relief design of gilded roses and unfurling foliage along the frames lend an air of elegant allure. I feel they captured the essence of the period in the Dolce&Gabbana Sicilian Baroque DG4167 Sunglasses. My favorite color option would have to be the Opal Gray Frame, Gray Gradient Lenses DG4167-26768G-5917. It is breathtaking. I can picture a woman at the front of the boardroom wearing the striking Dolce&Gabbana Sicilian Baroque DG3150 Eyeglass Frames. You can even recognized the recurring theme of geek-chic that I have been writing about so much in this style. Black is my favorite because of the dramatic effect of …
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03 Jan

The OpticsPlanet Eyewear Group would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. 2013 is going to be jammed packed with hot styles and low prices. Join us in the Eyewear Department as we step into a new season of fashion eyewear, hot styles and mind blowing deals. Don’t make resolutions make lifestyle changes. Try saving money while making fashion forward eyewear decisions. It’s amazing how eyeglasses used to be taboo. Now people that don’t even need corrective eyewear want to sport frames as a fashion accessory. Sunglasses have become big and flashy or sleek and subtle. Either way they seem to be a must have to every ensemble. They aren’t just about sun protection anymore. Make a statement by adding pizzazz to your wardrobe. Our incredibly affordable pricing allows everyone to have 100% authentic brand names. Check it out and start saving today. Let’s make it a great year.

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