05 Dec

Christmas Eyewear, continued

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I am committed and convicted. I am going to give myself an eyewear makeover. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my boss challenging me to shake things up and get some “nerdy” frames. “You always wear wire frames” she said. And well, she is right. My plan is to take my readers through my path to find the geek chicest frames I can. Let me take you on my journey. My first try is the Versace VE3154 Eyeglasses in Shiny Black Frame (GB1-5417). I even snuck in a blue pair in the Prada Eyeglass Frames PR16MV EAR1O1-5516 – Top Striped Blue / Horn Frame. My boss Liz caught me and told me to put them back. Wearing blue is such a hard habit to kick.

They aren’t as thick as I wanted but they are close. Some say that finding the right pair is daunting. For me this is very exciting. These might be the ones I go with but alas my search continues. Stay tuned.


Larum Dean is a Senior Eyewear Expert, Fashion Eyewear Consultant and Optician at OpticsPlanet, Inc. "Being a natural salesman I bring class and sophistication to the team while making the customer feel valued. Most of my life has been in retail, be it shoes, jewelry, books or clothing, I know my stuff. Fashion and style are important to me."

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  1. Joseph Barrientos

    Great frames!! I really like the Versace 3154 on you! Can I ask you a big favor? Do you know the height of the lenses for those Versace frames you are wearing…? I can not find measurements for the height anywhere! Thank you very much!

    • Joseph, Thanks a lot. The Versace Eyeglasses VE3154 offers two lens sizes, the 52mm and the 54mm. The “B” vertical measurement for the 52mm is 33.7mm and the 54mm has a B of 35mm. I hope this helps.

  2. Joseph Barrientos

    Thank you again, very much appreciated!

    • You are very welcome. Send us pictures of yourself wearing them if you get the chance.

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