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30 Nov

I enjoy my department; I get to try on so many pairs of cool sunglasses and eyeglasses and talk to customers about it. Working at OpticsPlanet I get a chance to see really cool riflescopes, laser sights and night vision and many other sports optics. Sometimes I even get to handle them. This past October I took a trip to Tennessee with a friend and we tested some devices with firearms. I prefer to use the same gun every year the Ruger Vaquero in 45 LC (long colt). Gun guys call it “45 colt”, and not “long colt”. Of course we practice and take very seriously gun safety.

This year I only brought one of my many pairs of sunglasses with me this trip. My Smith Optics Polarized brown lenses with the tortoise frame. These impact resistant CARBONIC polarized optics provide great value and glare reduction. This is very important to me.  Smith Optics has a line of Evolve frames which are environmentally friendly and they have created lightweight, durable, and fully transparent sunglass frames that are over 53% bio-based. Did you know that polarized brown lenses are best for absorbing stray “blue light”?

I knew that the …
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21 Nov

As an optician I recommend that everyone should get their eye exam at least every year or every two years. Well, I am due for a new prescription and with a new prescription come new eyeglasses. I have been shopping and I want to change up my look. I see the current trends of Geek Chic and I want to get on board. I usually am the trend setter but my boss Liz told me to consider changing it up. She said I should try and open my mind to a thick frame like the Persol PO2857V Eyeglass Frames or the Ray-Ban RX5213 Eyeglass Frames. I have never thought about frames like this. I know they are all the rage, but not for me. So I listened to her and gave them a shot. I think she was calling me a nerd and should look the part. Oh well, I digress. First, I tried the D&G Eyeglass Frames DD1203 in blue, but she told me to stay away from blue. Liz’s opinion was to do a total makeover and change it up completely.  I own so much blue so I guess Liz is tired of seeing it. What I …
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16 Nov

What do you think of when you hear the word LACE? I think of weddings, I think expensive, when I think of lace I think Glamorous and timeless.  Can’t you just picture yourself looking expensive, glamorous, and timeless? Come on every Girl does! I have got the perfect line for you.

You must check out the Dolce & Gabbana Lace All Over line. There are eyeglasses available in three different styles all offering red, white, and black colors. Also available, two different styles of lace print sunglasses and they are super stylish! The minute I came across this line I was instantaneously in love. They are amazingly sleek and bold all in one.

You may notice the Lace All Over frames to be a bit higher than most Dolce & Gabbana frames. I did! Then after doing a bit of research I learned why. You see these frames are not regular frames that then get a coat of paint on them. They do not run through a print machine. These frames actually start out as a piece of real lace. The lace is then run through a machine that traps the elegant lace, preserving it in a thick …
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09 Nov

In several of my previous blogs I have talked about frames and hair color, customizing for glasses, and super bright color frames. If you haven’t guessed by now, I love fashion, but not what’s in fashion! When I was younger and family members would ask my Mom what to buy me for a holiday gift, she would always reply “Go to the clearance rack; find the cheapest, ugliest thing and that is what Heather would pick out!” And she was right! I have always marched to my own beat, and always been “creative”.  Often times people tell me that they wished they could wear that or they wished they could color their hair purple, then they say “but I’d look stupid if I did that.” The only difference between me and them is that I don’t care how people respond. I wear things that are comfortable to me. Things that make me feel like a superstar. It’s really nothing more than Confidence! If I feel like a rock star, I’ll act like a rock star. I just rock the things I wear…..and you can to!

I have to admit right now, the few days after Halloween are my “Black …
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06 Nov

I am a big fan of the Julbo Sunglasses especially their NXT line of lenses. Julbo’s NXT lenses offer high definition, superior visual acuity and optimum transparency. Light and unbreakable, they also display lasting strength and resistance to solvents. This snow season I will be paying much attention to the Falcon lens in their snow goggles.  The model I got to try on was the Julbo Meteor Snow Goggles and I instantly fell in love with it.

First the Falcon lens is a multipurpose light-sensitive photochromic polarized anti-reflective lens developed for the active lifestyle. This photochromic lens gets darker or lighter in accordance with the intensity of the light. You may expect a light protection category of 2 to 3. The Falcon lens can boast the same technology as Serengeti with its BWS or “Behind the Windshield”: sensitive to visible light. The lens will get darker behind a windshield and is therefore particularly suitable for driving. You will find this same lens in a few of their sunglasses models like the Julbo Hike Travel Men’s Sunglasses.

I think I should break it down further. Each technology has a specific function. Polarization eliminates glare from all reflective surfaces — snow, …
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