Monthly Archives: September 2012

27 Sep

Last Sunday afternoon I had a wonderful day. I went to the Dog Beach in Chicago with a close friend. This beach is reserved for dog owners and their pooches to play in the water and get out and stretch their four legs. We brought his French Bulldog Peanut to romp and play with the rest of the Chicago canines. This was my first time visiting the beach but Peanut has been every weekend this summer. I wore my Serengeti Livorno Sunglasses with Satin Black Frame and the 555nm Polarized Glass Lens. These happen to be one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses. When I got into my friends car he complimented me on how nice they were. Once we got to the beach I was so impressed with how beautiful the water of Lake Michigan looked. When I lifted the shades I could clearly see the difference. The polarized lenses enhanced the contrast of the water and the sky. The depths of the water were clearly distinct as well.  The beautiful hues of greens and blues, the white of the clouds and the beige of the sand, it was breathe taking. One could swear it was the ocean.

I …
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19 Sep

This weekend my son had a football game. This game was special because I got to work concessions and I had a blast! The weather was amazing, moderate temperature with a constant breeze. I was impressed with how many dads were wearing Oakley Sunglasses. Having been selling them for some time I realize they are great but it’s always awesome to see that others recognize their many attributes. I saw at least 15 pair during the entire time I was there. The most repeated model I saw was the Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses. I really think that the average customer likes the option of changing their lenses depending on the weather conditions. I also saw the Oakley GasCan.

I owned Oakley’s several years before I sold them. One thing you must give Oakley is that their design is recognizable. You can even call them iconic. You get both impact protection and 100% UV filtering of the purest lens material on earth. If you want the best clarity and protection on the planet, nothing comes close to Oakley’s High Definition Optics (HDO). Its patented technologies surpass all tests for ANSI rating. With options of polarization, photochromic technology or …
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