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24 Aug

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s car has had a face lift. Spy Optic has wrapped the No. 88 Chevrolet racecar for NASCAR’s Nationwide Series Food City 250 race at Bristol Motor Speedway. This made-over racecar will rip through the classic Tennessee track today August 24th during one of the year’s most anticipated events. Dale Jr. has been pictured many times wearing his Spy Optic Dirty Mo Sunglasses.

Bristol is famous for producing unexpected victories due to its short track, tight layout and extremely steep 26-plus degree banking. Think of the roar rattling the eardrums of 160,000 spectators at the stadium each race, making tickets to the Food City 250 race more coveted than a spot on Dale Jr.’s pit crew.

Tonight at Bristol Motor Speedway, the Food City 250 kicks off under the lights at 7:30 p.m. ET, and will air live on ESPN nationwide to an expected audience of over 1.7 million viewers. Turn on, tune in and burn out!

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17 Aug

Most people are extra careful to protect their eyes when they are engaging in activities like: baseball, motorcycle riding, tennis, and volleyball. Many wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun. I am here to tell you, people….always protect your eyes.  Always!

The weekend before last, my co-worker Larum, I, and two others enjoyed a beautiful day at the Renaissance Faire. We had so much fun eating huge turkey legs and watching incredible shows. While we all had our shades on to keep the brutal sun out, we had no idea how they would protect our eyes later on that day. We left the Faire around seven and started the long drive home from Wisconsin back to the Chicago suburbs. While driving on the expressway, in the fast lane, the back tire of my car blew out! I pulled as hard as I could into the median. First the front passenger side smashed into the median, and then we spun around and hit the back passenger side, then finally back into the fast lane.

Surprisingly, no one was hurt. A few bumps and scrapes but no other injuries. We did not hit any other cars. The …
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14 Aug

I had a chance to sit down and talk to the President of OpticsPlanet Inc last week. We spoke about our company and the excitement of our future. He shared that he is most proud of OpticsPlanet for the growth in the past 11 years and the strong sense of Team that we have. He takes a lot of pride in watching us turn into a “real company”. He agrees that the only thing constant is change and one must learn to adapt to survive.

Our conversation then moved to eyewear, something he gets excited about. Pavel takes a very active interest in our department. He seems to be the ideal OpticsPlanet Sunglasses customer. With sensitive eyes he values and understands that you get what you pay for when it comes to sunglasses. He owns Julbo’s, Maui Jims and Serengeti brands. The Serengeti Driver’s lens is amongst his favorite lenses to wear. He has challenged the Eyewear Group in search for the best frame for him. Pavel prefers a hinge-less frame like the Maui Jim Little Beach Prescription Sunglasses. Like many customers he wants the frame to be lightweight and feeling like it’s not there.

Pavel loves to drive …
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07 Aug

The OpticsPlanet Volleyball team has concluded their 2012 season on the sand court. What a fun and exciting year it was! I went to several games and I must say we were the only team that donned designer sunglasses on bright game days. Needless to say I am not surprised; OpticsPlanet offers an amazing selection of Sunglasses at great prices.

Andrew the captain led the way and earned us victories with great advice and team building excerises. The President of our company Pavel also made a great mentor. He was at every game guiding and rallying the troops.  He also has a mean spike. It was so much fun to watch them work outside of the walls of OpticsPlanet like they work so well inside.

Omar the co-captain said “It really brought all the different departments of OP together and really helped us form a bond. Gradually over the season we learned little by little how to play with each other based on our strengths and weaknesses. We got our first win of the season as an OP sports franchise on our last game of the regular season”.

Way to go OpticsPlanet!

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01 Aug

You can’t go wrong buying Carrera Eyewear. Sinse 1956 Carrera has been the “it” brand to wear. OpticsPlanet is excited to welcome this timeless brand to our collection of authentic eyewear. Models such as the Carrera Speedway Sunglasses and the Carrera 42’s are so much fun to wear. They even have sophisticated eyeglass frames like the 7366 Eyeglass Frames. Try them on. We’ll even ship them for free.

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