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27 Jul

A few weeks back I wrote about Liz wearing her designer sunglasses and acting like a celebrity. Well that’s not the only side to my boss. Liz has been selling eyewear for years. This summer she finally put the Wiley-X Brick Sunglasses/Goggles to the test. A couple of weeks ago she jumped from a plane. Yes, jumped from a plane that was hundreds of feet in the air. I really didn’t think she would’ve gone through with it but she did! Liz’s first jump was tandem with a local Chicagoland area Skydive company.

When we advertise that: You’ll be ready for anything with Wiley-X Brick Sun Glasses with Facial Cavity seal, we mean it. The instructors tried to make her take them off and wear their standard issued sky diving goggles but Liz wasn’t having that. She has faith in the Wiley-X products. Like all Wiley-X eyewear they meet and exceed the ANSI Z87.1-2003 HVP safety standards.

After a brief 13-minute climb to 13,000 feet Liz fell for 1 minute at 120 MPH!  At 5,500 feet her parachute opened and she peacefully descended back to the earth. With her Light-Adjusting Clear to Gray lenses she got to see everything, the …
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17 Jul

Lets tackle a fashion epidemic today. When is it appropriate to wear sunglasses? I wanted to debate on a few of my personal opinions on the use of fashion eyewear in social settings. I’m not perfect, there have been times where I purposely went out in public to embarrass myself, whether it was voluntarily or involuntarily. However, there are times, many times actually, where people really believe that they are making some sort of fashion statement by wearing their sunglasses in specific social gatherings. Here are my top 4:

4.  Grocery Stores

Why? I’m not sure about you, but I like to see when my food expires. There is a lot of damage that can be done internally because you choose to be living the life of mystery…at the grocery store. Is this is your way of picking up singles at the store? If so, perhaps this is why you’re still single.

3. Restaurants

I see this frequently. I can see a point to wearing sunglasses outside in a patio setting, but indoors is unacceptable. The only time I believe seeing someone get away with doing this was an FBI agent, and at that point, everyone in the restaurant knew …
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17 Jul

Here are some pointers to finding the perfect frames to accent your lovely locks!

Bodacious Blondes:  From pixie cut to Tangled hair, boys or girls, blondes look hot with contrasting light locks with black metal frames. For a very posh look, Tortoise shell and white frames will compliment your Blonde locks and for Blondes with darker skin tones, contrasting bright colors and prints will really make a statement.

Some things to keep in mind:

• Big white plastic frames look great whatever shade of blonde you are.

• When it comes to block colors, peroxide blondes can go for almost any palette with baby pinks and blues, reds and canary yellows.

• Natural or dark blondes should go for a more subtle look. Tortoiseshells and warm creams look premium, and gold metal frames keep things soft but strong.

Frames to try: Ray-Ban Cats 5000, Oakley Frogskins, DKNY DY4078B, and the Ralph Ra5126

Brainy Brunettes: You need bright, vibrant colors; this will add contrast when paired with a dark mane. Frames with tones of plum and maroon bring out blue and green eyes and Celtic skin tones, while olive skinned can easily work metallic frames. For a …
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16 Jul

This has been an extremely busy month for my team. We are in the height of summer and business is great. When it gets crazy at work I appreciate the family time even more. This past Saturday I worked at my children’s swim meet and it was great. The parents help with duties at every event and the both parents and kids really enjoy it. Saturday a child had lost her swim cap and RX goggles and things got a little frantic. That gave me a great idea about a Blog. Why were the goggles so necessary? What could have brought the child to tears?The Rec Specs Shark Prescription Swim Goggles are so cool. I am always scared that if I open my eyes in the pool I will lose my contacts. I know I can buy goggles but they are usually the last thing on my to-do list. As hot as it’s been in the Midwest I have been at the pool so much more than usual this year.  Don’t you hate it when the chlorine makes your eyes burn? I really need prescription swim goggles. These prescription swim goggles feature an adjustable nose bridge for custom fit, …
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