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30 May

I love eyeglasses. For me, I’m a huge fan of Polycarbonate lens material. Polycarbonate is the most impact resistant lens available. Nearly shatter proof. It comes highly recommended for kids, sportsmen, military, or anyone else with a low prescription who wants their glasses to last a long time. On eyeglasses AR or Anti-reflective (Anti-glare) coating is also a must for me. Anti-reflective coating improves both your vision through your lenses and the appearance of your eyeglasses. Both benefits are due to AR coating’s ability to eliminate reflections of light from the front and back surface of eyeglass lenses. Today’s modern anti-reflective coatings can virtually eliminate the reflection of light from eyeglass lenses, allowing 99.5 percent of available light to pass through the lenses and enter the eye for good vision.

Anti-reflective coating reduces the glare that you see, as well as the glare that others can see on your lenses. By eliminating reflections, AR coating also makes your eyeglass lenses look nearly invisible so people can see your eyes and facial expressions more clearly. Anti-reflective glasses also are more attractive, so you can look your best in all lighting conditions. Pictures please!

Anti-reflective coating also is a good …
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25 May

Every day at work on my breaks and at lunch I go for a little walk around the block. No matter the weather I walk. I am addicted because I see how it’s helps me. This gives me time to relax and regain my sanity, while doing some exercise. Besides having my iPod I always wear my sunglasses. They are mandatory.

The weather is getting really nice and the sun is finally showing us his glorious face. Today hit 91 degrees in Chicago. It was so bright and beautiful outside and a good pair of sunglasses saved my eyes.  Those UV rays can be damaging. We remember sunscreen for our skin but our eyes are sometimes forgotten. I wore my red Ray-Ban shirt today so I sported my polarized Prada Sunglasses PS52ES with the sporty red logo. On very bright days I enjoy the full coverage of the Eyeshield. I bought them a couple of years ago and they are still hot and trendy. Elena joined me and she is wearing her Polaroid Sherri Ladies Sunglasses.  I love the crystals on the temple arms. She can pull anything off. When I walk alone I have my iPod blasting Chiddy …
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25 May

There is a girl,

I see every day while on my morning drive.

I see her in the afternoon,

And in the evening at the local dive.

This girl she can accessorize

Perfection to be fair.

The girl with purple glasses,

The girl with purple hair.

She wears purple in prescription,

And mirror coated too.

She has so many glasses,

In shades of purple, teal, and blue.

She has a pair of Swarovskis.

She likes Dolce & Gabbana.

She rocks a pair of Ray Bans,

They always look good on her.

You don’t need to make your glasses,

Match the color of your hair,

But your frames should express how you’re feeling,

So, show the world you care.…
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01 May

The family that shades together stays together.  I have been pondering what to write to all you brilliant people out there this week.  Upon doing so I started exploring some pictures of my family in different glasses. Interestingly enough, I started to notice a trend. Then I wondered if all families had little trends like ours? So while we’re exploring my family and our crazy little trends, be thinking of yours…

My family loves wearing Wayfarer style prescription eye glasses. Trendy, bold, and just the right amount of nerdy-ness. We love frames that draw attention to us, mostly big, bright, obnoxious frames. The other picture is my custom prescription Hello Kitty glasses. I got these adorable frames off Etsy and then had our lab make some 10% pink gradient Rx lenses for them. They did a fabulous job! Once again, big, nerdy, and obnoxious! The crazy thing is much of our lives we have not been together, but have ridiculously similar senses of style.

These next couple pictures are of my little brother, Chris. Chris has a laid back more functional kind of style. His prescription eyeglasses, the Wiley X ophthalmic Covert eye Glasses and his sunglasses by Julbo
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