17 Apr

Picking Your Polarized

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Hello readers, I had a hilarious situation a week ago. A customer was trying on polarized sunglasses and I encouraged them to go outside with me and put each brand to the test. I only offered him the best in polarized technology because this customer knew that you get what you pay for. So there we were in the middle of a full parking lot and when I happen to look over he was staring right into the sun. How is this a good way to test a lens?  Now I know that most people’s mothers explained that we shouldn’t look right into the sun. Well at least my mom told me. When do we ever look right into the sun on purpose? We don’t! We might drive towards the setting sun on the way home after work.  But the Driver’s Ed teacher told us to look to the lines at the side of the road. No lens will allow you to look right into the sun.


Without laughing in his face and staying professional I suggested that he looked at the reflection of the sun off of the cars and asphalt. I pointed out the contrast of the clouds and the way the street signs jumped out almost 3D at the viewer. I invited him to see the sharpness of the leaves in the trees and the amazing colors enhanced by the lenses. We tried on a few brands such as Oakley, Serengeti and Maui-Jim.  I am not going to say that one is better than the other. The beauty of each brand is that each brags a different technology and coatings and they all can be appreciated separately.

Not everyone can afford to have one of each. However I encourage every one of my readers to put each sunglasses manufacturer to a test. Try them on and look around you. Not right into the sun but at the world around you and see how each lenses reacts to different light variables. You may not find the best brand of polarized sunglasses but you can certainly find the best brand for you.


Larum Dean is a Senior Eyewear Expert, Fashion Eyewear Consultant and Optician at OpticsPlanet, Inc. "Being a natural salesman I bring class and sophistication to the team while making the customer feel valued. Most of my life has been in retail, be it shoes, jewelry, books or clothing, I know my stuff. Fashion and style are important to me."

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  1. Angelina Parker

    I doubt whether any one of the sunglasses that you mentioned would enhance the look of sun when seen at, but I do know that these glasses greatly enhance the surroundings. I own a Serengeti myself… and its absolutely spectacular. It greatly increases the overall sharpness of the surroundings thereby increasing the clarity. And its worth every penny.

  2. I agree! I didn’t say the lenses will enhance the sun. I said that polarized lenses will greatly effect the world around you. Thanks for the comment.

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