06 Apr

My Love for AVIATORS!

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My Love for AVIATORS!

Honestly, I do not think anyone can top my HUGE obsession for Aviators.  I love them even more then I love chocolate.  Instead of rambling on about all the different pairs I own, I’ll just go into detail on my absolutely favorite pair to save you some pain.  The beginning of last summer I purchased the most gorgeous Ray-Ban Rainbow Outdoorsman IIs RB3407 and immediately fell in love.  They have a very sturdy silver metal frame to house the best part of all, the LENSES.  To start off, they came with glass lenses which is a huge advantage to me because I can be extremely rough on my glasses (and I have yet to scratch these).  Not only are they tough enough to handle my abuse, they have the most outstanding optical clarity due to the high quality glass Ray-Ban provides.  Then Ray-Ban mastered the color combination on the lenses.  They began with the most fabulous rose tint that has a very slight gradient to it.  Topping off the already winning lens tint, they added a nice silver flash mirror to give it a nice shine.  The last surprise to this frame was the signature top bar with a matching red tint.  Now, I was so excited for this summer season to start so I can purchase my second pair.  They offered all the same options but with a purple tint, and I have be unable to get these suckers out of my head, mainly because I was disappointed I didn’t add them to my collection last summer.  To my surprise, they’ve been discontinued!!!   After doing some extensive research I realized the reasoning.  Sunglasses are a huge part of fashion.  They normally have a shelf life of 3-10 months due to the changing in trends.  Now I’m on the hunt to find another sunglass to spark my aviator obsession so intensely.

Ray-Ban Outdoorsman RB3407

Sick Aviators MAAAAAAAN


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  1. Your post made me smile. I love aviator’s also but every time I’d try a pair of the sunglasses on, I’m not sure if they suited my face? Can only hot gorgeous trendy people get away with wearing them…lol? Nice job on your site and fabulous information! – Denise

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