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27 Apr

Many people ask me what is the purpose of mirror coating on Sunglasses. Some people think it’s only cosmetic. It does have a job to do. The main job of mirror coating is to reflect harsh light rays from the eyes. Consider it as a wall that light must pass to cause your eyes fatigue from the strong sun.  It is recommended for extremely bright light conditions. Many brands such as Julbo will apply it to their glacier sunglasses models for the glare from the snow. Manufacturers will offer solid and flash mirror coatings. You can even see gradient mirror coating on occasions. Solid mirror coating is applied fully to the whole lens and other people can see their reflection in it. Flash mirror coating is partially applied to the lens and does not have the full mirror effect. This produces a shiny effect to the lens surface. Gradient mirror coating can be present when the mirror coating fades in the middle of the lens and completely disappears at the bottom. People can still see your eyes through a flash mirror coating.

I will be completely honest, I like mirror coating for a very different, very useful reason. When …
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17 Apr

Hello readers, I had a hilarious situation a week ago. A customer was trying on polarized sunglasses and I encouraged them to go outside with me and put each brand to the test. I only offered him the best in polarized technology because this customer knew that you get what you pay for. So there we were in the middle of a full parking lot and when I happen to look over he was staring right into the sun. How is this a good way to test a lens?  Now I know that most people’s mothers explained that we shouldn’t look right into the sun. Well at least my mom told me. When do we ever look right into the sun on purpose? We don’t! We might drive towards the setting sun on the way home after work.  But the Driver’s Ed teacher told us to look to the lines at the side of the road. No lens will allow you to look right into the sun.


Without laughing in his face and staying professional I suggested that he looked at the reflection of the sun off of the cars and asphalt. I pointed out the contrast of the clouds …
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06 Apr

My Love for AVIATORS!

Honestly, I do not think anyone can top my HUGE obsession for Aviators.  I love them even more then I love chocolate.  Instead of rambling on about all the different pairs I own, I’ll just go into detail on my absolutely favorite pair to save you some pain.  The beginning of last summer I purchased the most gorgeous Ray-Ban Rainbow Outdoorsman IIs RB3407 and immediately fell in love.  They have a very sturdy silver metal frame to house the best part of all, the LENSES.  To start off, they came with glass lenses which is a huge advantage to me because I can be extremely rough on my glasses (and I have yet to scratch these).  Not only are they tough enough to handle my abuse, they have the most outstanding optical clarity due to the high quality glass Ray-Ban provides.  Then Ray-Ban mastered the color combination on the lenses.  They began with the most fabulous rose tint that has a very slight gradient to it.  Topping off the already winning lens tint, they added a nice silver flash mirror to give it a nice shine.  The last surprise to this frame was the signature top …
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