16 Mar

The best Wayfarer ever!

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The sun is out and I love it. I am thinking Spring and I need new sunglasses of course.  I finally found the Wayfarer style that works best for me. Imagine the drum roll as the Ray-Ban RB4165 Sunglasses enters stage left.  For those of us with larger hat sizes these sunglasses are perfect. I have had trouble in the past finding a Wayfarer that looks good on me. Ray-Ban has heard my prayers and I am grateful. The particular pair that has tickled my fancy is the 853/5D-5416 described as the Rubber Gradient Blue/Transparent Frame with Gradient Brown Lenses in 54mm Lens Diameter. These lenses gradually goes from Brown to Blue and it’s so freaking spectacular. I tend to wear a lot of Blue so this is certainly meant to be. I can’t wait to saunter around downtown Chicago in my sweet shades. Thank you again Ray-Ban!



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  1. Ben - Sunglasses Fan

    These are sweeeeet!

    Thanks for posting – gotta get a hold of these now!

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