06 Dec

Giving Back Vision

Posted by DannyV on

‘Tis the Season to give back and giving back the ability to see better serves a greater purpose. Oakley has teamed up with OneSight to make this possible for those that do not have the opportunity to recieve vision services as needed. Us who wear prescription eyeglasses know and understand the struggle it is when we do not have them. Imagine this feeling everyday. Onesight has made it their mission to give back and have been doing so since 1988. Their mission is to provide those with poor vision a new and refined vision – the ability to see better! Oakley has recently joined the effort to come up with prescription eyeglasses and rx sunglasses to assist their cause. With Oakley being a big name in eyewear needs, this is a monumental step in the right direction for those who really need the help.


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