09 Oct

Don’t Have Coke Bottle Prescription Eyeglasses

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This is a common mistake. Many of us have high prescriptions – and we know who we are! We get the lecture from our eye doctor on choosing quality lenses, and we are used to that ugly NO when ordering some cool sunglasses. What can be done? What is a great choice in lens materials? Well let’s see if I can contribute some knowledge to your pondering questions. Although there is not much a lab can do regarding the bend of a frame to your favorite sunglasses or eyeglasses there are something neat things you can learn by just doing some research. Remember: do not take it personal if your prescription is too high. Asking the right questions will help you get further in your quest to finding the correct pair conducive to your prescription.

Get the limitations on the frame you are interested in. Many websites such as OpticsPlanet will post limitations for most of their frames so that you will see what is in reach. If you do not see a limitation there call or email them. If the frame has too much of a curve, also called a base curve, have them recommend something similar that will be able to hold your prescription. There are many prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses out there that look similar and there could be one close to what you originally were interested in that could work, stay positive! Choosing materials is another important choice when it comes to getting your lenses crafted. If you have a high prescription make sure to choose a high index material. Standard polycarbonate or CR-39 will show up very thick and although glass can give you the best optical aquity many lens manufacturers have done their best to even have high index lenses the same feel vision wise. High index 1.60 lenses (also known as HX 1.60) lenses are thinner & lighter than CR-39 or glass recommended sphere range 0.00 – +/-15.00. High index 1.67 (also known as HX 1.67) lenses are thinner than High Index 1.60, CR-39 or glass and recommended for sphere range 0.00 – +/-16.00. Last but not least is Ultra High Index 1.74 (also known as HX 1.74) is the thinnest & lightest plastic material. AR coating is included, recommended sphere range is 0.00 – +/-18.00.

So remember prescription eyewear is not supposed to be something difficult, but a rather enjoyable time in deciding what will look best. Take the time to visit us today at OpticsPlanet and get yourself a nice pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses that contribute to your lifestyle.


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  1. Triangle EyeCare

    With the range of lens materials available today, super thick lenses should be a thing of the past in most cases. Some of the super high end materials are very expensive, but at least we’ve got to the point technology-wise that they are available. If the optician helping you doesn’t explain all the options, go somewhere else.

  2. I agree! It is important to stay informed. Knowing your options is important, but knowing what they mean is paramount! Thank you for your feedback!

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